Here is the 2013 version of my textbook that I curated for my students at Hannam University's Linton Global College.  Next year's vesion will include more of the teacher's notes that I share with my students.  I hope that it is helpful for you.  If you would like a free PDF version of the book, send me an email at kenmorrison30 (at) yahoo (dot) com or download it at the slideshare site.


I put a lot of work into the 2012 version.  I feel that it passed the test of time. There are some updates and additions in this version.  I also decreased the size of many images to make it less expensive to print.


Please please please support the real authors of this content.   I took great effort to give credit where it is due. I aimed to show my students how they could access enough free info on the web that was of equal or greater value than the wonderful information found in expensive textbooks. Feel free to share and please support the true authors of this book in any way you can (money, likes, blog comments, links, etc.) I am simply the currator of this content.


Would you like to see the output of this class?  Here is a collection of the curation sites which my students created to help them prepare for their future goals or research topics:






PS.  I simply love podcasts and I listen to more than 1000 per year.  I am planning on sharing some of my favorite tips that I learn from my daily podcasts at:

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