Which Cloth Is The Best Choice To Farm WoW ?
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Which Cloth Is The Best Choice To Farm WoW ?

We know that farming cloth is one of the best way to make gold fast in wow. While choosing cloths to farm, you might be thinking of which cloth is the best choice to farm wow. Here Buywowgoldus.com will share with you some of the best cloths to farm for wow gold.

Picking where to farm cloth can be tricky. You may find out that a certain mob drops it almost 100% of the time, but this mob might also be hard to find or spread out across a zone. It’s really not that efficient to wait for one or two mobs and Wow gold US to spawn that drop a piece of cloth 60% of the time when you could be constantly killing mobs with a slightly lower drop rate. So if you are killing mobs for cloth that are spread out or rare you are probably better off clearing camps of mobs even if the drop rate is slightly lower. Because of this the following chart also includes favorite cloth farming areas.

The farming cloth choice and farming places are listed below:

Linen Cloth 4-27 5-15 Defias in Westfall, Blackpaw in Ghostlands, Deadmines
Wool Cloth 13-36 23-26 Deadmines, Stockades, Furbolgs in Ashenvale
Silk Cloth 19-47 26-38 Scarlet Monestery, Uldaman, Galak in Thousand Needles
Mageweave Cloth 28-54 44-49 Vilebranch in The Hinterlands, Dunemaul in Tanaris
Runecloth 53-66 56-60 Humanoids across Western Plaguelands, Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula
Netherweave Cloth 57-71 67-71 Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley, Manaforge B’naar in Netherstorm
Frostweave Cloth 68-81 75-79 Top of Voltarus in Zul’Drak (the mobs are practically instant spawns), The Blight Line near The Lost Lands in Scholazar Basin (the mobs are also practically instant spawns)

You will notice that you get a lot of Linen Cloth too while farming, this does not mean that these places are bad for farming Wool Cloth, usually every mob drop both Linen and Wool Cloth.

Among the above cloths, which cloth do you think is the best choice to farm for you. In fact,it sometimes depends on your own class and wow character level. If your level is high enough, you can go to all of these places. Actually, Wetlands is closer for high level players if you can use the Twilight Highlands portal. http://www.buywowgoldus.com would like to share with you more detailed wow guides and wow news, if you need help buying wow gold or finding wow guides, feel free to visit Buywowgoldus.com .

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