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What Your Mama Never Told You
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The Problem with Being Swept Off Your Feet

The Problem with Being Swept Off Your Feet | SEX | DATING | RELATIONSHIPS |

The problem is that only a narcissist can come in and sweep a woman off her feet.


Think about that phrase, “He swept me off my feet.”

That means he left you ungrounded, unbalanced. That stinks.


Only a narcissist, someone who must be seen as amazing, can enter and shower someone with that much adoration and attention.


You see, the truth is, most people, when interested in someone, will be curious, will show up and want to get to know someone at a reasonable pace, they won’t glom on, declare their love right away and lay on the gifts and adoration.


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Scooped by PAT NOVAK!

What Women Really Want from Men.

What Women Really Want from Men. | SEX | DATING | RELATIONSHIPS |

"Oh, ladies, are we really that complicated? Unfortunately, yes. (Sorry, gentlemen.)


Okay, I’m not actually sorry, but I do feel a ti-ny bit bad, so I’ve decided to help you out.


Here, spelled out—quite literally—is what women want.


We want to be wooed. 


We want romance and we want chivalry. We want you to want to open a door for us because you respect us and, well, like us.


Because we like ourselves, so we demand to be treated well.

Yet, here’s the catch…


We want to have our cake and eat it too."


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