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Social Media: An Online Reputation Management Blind Spot For Many Corporations [Infogrpahic]

Great infographic on how SMM is a corporate blind spot. 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Jeff Domansky
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 31, 2012 11:38 AM

Great data here that confirms theGreat Social Customer Service Race Study Software Advice shared on the Atlantic BT Blog:

Great Social Customer Service Race - How Social Changes Service 


Jeff Domansky's curator insight, December 31, 2012 1:33 PM

Let's just say there are still social media ostriches in the C-suite.

Scooped by Lsantiargarin

The Top 20 Social Brands In the World

The Top 20 Social Brands In the World | What is Marketing Today ? | Scoop.it

The Dachis Group, “Analyzes the effectiveness of strategies and tactics organizations employ to engage the market through social channels.” Based upon data collected by the Dachis Group they created the index ranking depicted in the infographic below. National Amusements, Inc. and Viacom Company take the title of most powerful social businesses.


Most of the businesses on the list are not a surprise. It is not unusual to see Google, Zynga, Nike, CocaCola, Microsoft, Samsung and Electronic Arts when one is surfing through social channels. So, why am I taking the time to point this out to you and take up valuable space on The Fried Side? Because I want you to have an easy reference tool to the best of the best.


It’s important to recognize the companies who are doing it right. These companies are leading the way in the use of social media marketing. They are setting the standard. You could do much worse than to model what you do after one of these companies.


I Believe these companies are telling you it’s okay to market what you do in this fashion. More importantly, I believe they are telling you that if you don’t, you risk losing market share and, more importantly, losing relevance. These companies are setting aside large portions of their marketing budgets to participate in social marketing. They are doing so because they are developing and implementing smart strategies. They are tracking their results and they are seeing the return on their investment in this form of marketing.


The Dachis Group tells us, “New technology has ushered in an era of individuals that demand more connected companies in both their work and personal lives. To stay relevant, organizations must manage enormous amounts of fragmented social data, understand their performance, and then optimize operations, marketing, and entire relationship dynamics with customers to do something about it. Most companies are woefully unprepared.”


Companies that are not doing what these companies are doing will be left in the dust. And we’ve seen there are many companies in this category. The old form of marketing is not going to work for long in this new social age. These companies are the proof. These companies have shown they are prepared to adapt to market changes and take advantage of new revenue opportunities. They are the role models you should follow.



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