Five Handy Things You Can Do with Google's New Knowledge Graph Search | What is a teacher librarian? |

By Melanie Pinola


"Earlier this week, Google introduced Knowledge Graph, the company's new search technology that understands "things not strings" and adds rich and relevant details about your query in the sidebar of your search results. Here are five great things you can now do with a quick Google search."


"I took the new version of Google Search for a spin to find out just what it can do, and have to say it's pretty useful. To recap, Google now connects your search query with its knowledgebase, which includes Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. If you search for a person, place, or thing within that 500+ million object database, Google adds the related key facts alongside the regular search results. (The tech is still rolling out, but you should see it when you're logged into Google sometime in the next few days, if you don't already.)

Via Jim Lerman, SCIS, Karen Bonanno