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Enterprise Crowdfunding Is A Game Changer

Enterprise Crowdfunding Is A Game Changer | Wepyirang | Scoop.it

Cross Functional Game Changer
The SEC ruling in late October 2013 makes crowdfunding stocks highly likely. In the rush to create new sources of funding for startup entrepreneurs the impact of crowdfunding on Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Fortune 1000 is being overlooked.

The Internet creates common demands. Small businesses, big brands and startup entrepreneurs need the cash, social marketing content, media buzz and customer segmentation crowdfunding creates. Imagine an IBM "Ideas" crowdfunding board or a "share your HiFi ideas" site for my friends who own Moon-Audio.com?

Crowdfunding is about to become a valuable Internet marketing channel similar to email marketing (low cost, high return). Enterprise crowdfunding will change every functional department from Human Resources to marketing, sales and customer service.

Enterprise Crowdfunding on Scoop.it will share creative examples of a building wave - how crowdfunding and the wisdom of online crowds transform enterprise.

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The Independent Crowdfunding Video Journalism Platform: Vourno

The Independent Crowdfunding Video Journalism Platform: Vourno | Wepyirang | Scoop.it

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, June 22, 2013 2:49 PM

From the official site: "Vourno.com provides journalists (Vournos) with the tools to raise capital for the creation and production of quality, newsworthy content and gives the public (Pubs) the ability to directly fund, share, watch and rate those stories."

Successfully funded projects are produced and premiered on the Vourno online network.

Here's how it works:

1. Video journalists (“vournos”) propose a video story they want to create (“Video is where everybody’s going,” Verdirame said).

2. Members of the public (“pubs”) browse the stories they want to fund and help publish it by donating. They can also pitch their own stories they want to see published for a vourno to pick up.

3. Vournos gather enough funds from pubs to pay for their salary, equipment, travel expenses and any extra team members they may need (editor, videographer, etc.)

4. The vourno gets a certain amount of time to complete the story and publish it on Vourno’s website for all to watch and share for a week before selling it elsewhere.

5. More popular, original and in-depth reporting will get more play on the website, and more sharing means more revenue through advertising — which eventually will be shared by vournos and pubs.

(Source: Zach C. Cohen - Idealab)

Find out more: https://www.vourno.com/

How it works:



marcpetit622's curator insight, June 27, 2013 3:43 PM

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