Hello, my name is Darvin Prentiss and welcome to my weight fat loss customized site. Just to give you a little insight about me, I am not really computer savvy. My grandson helped me to put up this blog because I wanted to create it to help people who are looking for the best solution to losing weight and having a healthy  lifestyle. I have to admit that when I finally decide to lose weight, I didn t have a clue on where to start. So I began searching online with the intentions of finding me a personal trainer that was affordable and who had my best interest at heart. However I was really amazed and caught a little off guard by how expensive a personal trainer could be. With that said, I began to consider looking into weight loss programs that offered instructional videos that had CDs or DVDs included in their packaging. I did managed to find some instructional videos, however they did not provide sufficient information to tell me about health risk factors involving dietary supplemen