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Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color | WebsiteDesign |

This simple infographic goes a long way in explaining to you what emotions each color evokes. Use this to set up your home or office, and also to communicate effectively with your clients.

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AnnC's curator insight, April 24, 2013 6:53 PM

how do colors influence one's mood, attention, learning?

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Beauty, Warmth and Color In Website Design [50 Examples + Marty Note]

Beauty, Warmth and Color In Website Design [50 Examples + Marty Note] | WebsiteDesign |

Marty Note
I am looking at a lot of sites right now to help refine my ScentTrail Marketing blog. Color is tough online. A little color can go a LONG way. Websites start cold. Our jobs as Internet marketer is to warm them up. Here is how I like to warm up a website's design:

* Color.

* Images (with people).

* Copy (especially teaser headlines).

* Clear navigation.

* Tagging the brand (helps create a sense of being in right place).

* Clear and omnipresent contact information.

* Testimonials (quotes from others that aren't ME or US lol).

* Heroes that match the seasons (can be tough if you are a global brand).

The last one is worth discussing. Time doesn't really exist online. Lack of a sense of time is what makes websites feel like Vegas where there are no clocks; weather and you rarely go out (lol). One way you connect to emotions and feeling is to feel like Christmas when it is Christmas.

If you are a global brand a picture of snow and trees turning may not work. Instead use images that address the IDEA of fall such as people in sweaters or displace your heroes (largest images on the page) to a location that suggest fall (mountains). You can also create interesting juxtapositions - winter in the desert.

The last example uses language to connect to time. Words with time IN THEM such as Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer are POWERFUL warming words when used in connection with the calendar.


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Scooped by Brian Yanish -! Making Web Development Easier and Better Making Web Development Easier and Better | WebsiteDesign |

Are you a web developer trying to create awesomeness using the power of code? If so, obviously, you are not alone. There are numerous talented developers like you, fighting evil monsters that wish to destroy the Internet, and at the same time using their coding skills to create a better browsing experience for the world!

However, let me ask you: what exactly is your specialization? PHP? JavaScript? Obviously CSS and HTML? Did I hear Perl, Ruby or Python?

I guess the point is clear: there are numerous languages out there, each with its own pros and cons, and as a developer, keeping up with the trends in technology can often be confusing. This is where development and design blogs come in: you simply subscribe to a blog, and that’s it! All the latest updates from the world of design and development right at your finger-tips!

However, what if, apart from updates, you need proper tutorials and theoretical info that only an encyclopedia or a wiki can provide? What if there existed a platform (not exactly a blog), which provided you with tutorials, wiki and other detailed how-to type documentation about your preferred specialization? What if you could find trustworthy documentation about PHP and CSS under one roof? Have no fear; WebPlatform is here!

So, what is it all about? Read on as we take a look!

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16 Newest and Best Twitter Hacks for Your WordPress Website

16 Newest and Best Twitter Hacks for Your WordPress Website | WebsiteDesign |
As Twitter has quickly risen to become one of the most popular websites on the internet, is has become increasingly crucial that WordPress websites rise to the occasion and deeply integrate with the world's second-most popular social media website.

Via Stan Smith
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Web Designer’s Arsenal: a Collection of Free Useful Websites

Web Designer’s Arsenal: a Collection of Free Useful Websites | WebsiteDesign |

A designers are always lacking materials to create a design. Even if time is running out, it’s better to exceed the deadline than do the bad job. The musician has musical instruments to give the world to hear the sounds that play in his head; an artist has a brush, paint and easel to paint a picture that he has in mind, but what about the web designer? A designer has a set of favourite websites with free useful stuff in his bookmarks.

This web designer’s arsenal helps him to win a fight with hard-to-pleased clients and implement all the amazing ideas in order to create a truly great design.

Today I’m going to share with you a collection of free useful websites from my own bookmarks. Of course, I often use a Google search to find some stuff i need. However, why can’t you go to the particular website and know that you will find needed things there for sure. Today’s collection is not just ordinary freebies. To be honest, I spent a lot of time to collect all those websites and all of them have helped me to create really good design at one time. So, take a look at them, choose and download. 

Web Designer’s Arsenal: a Collection of Free Useful Websites

Patrick Tay's curator insight, January 13, 2013 3:28 AM

Free online tools!

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Best Practices for Increasing Website Performance

Best Practices for Increasing Website Performance | WebsiteDesign |
It's a no-brainer: well performing websites enjoy higher visitor engagement, retention and conversion.

Increasing Website Performance

The performance of websites and the impact that has, has been well documented over the years. In 2007 Amazon reported that for every 100 ms increase in load time of their sales decreased by 1%. Google also reported similar results in 2006 with their Google Maps product. Google found that by reducing the size of the page from 100KB to 80KB, their traffic shot up by 10% in the first week and then 25% in the following three weeks.

It’s clear that monitoring the performance of a website is a must and should not be ignored as being an integral part of your web design workflow.

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How secure is your WordPress site? #wordpress

How secure is your WordPress site? #wordpress | WebsiteDesign |

One of the main problems with technology is the frequent lapses in security we experience; a lot of information is stolen daily and used to steal more information, send spam messages, open backdoors to systems and sometimes even do damage to our computers.

None of these issues unknown to WordPress, a staggering number of sites have become victims of unpleasant criminals exploiting the community for their own personal gain.

In order for you to beat this threat we’ve put together a roundup of some good tools and tips on how to avoid being the next victim. Or if you’re unlucky enough to already be a victim, how to fight back and fix your installation.

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60 Inspirational Sports Related Websites #websitedesign

60 Inspirational Sports Related Websites #websitedesign | WebsiteDesign |

Faster, higher, stronger. The Olympic motto could perhaps be applied to web design.

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Content Curation your secret weapon - Drive Traffic & Find New Customers

Content Curation your secret weapon - Drive Traffic & Find New Customers | WebsiteDesign |
Using Content Curation To Find New Customers.

Being an Internet marketer for many years I’ve seen the landscape change many times but one thing has stayed the same “Content is King”, when it comes to driving traffic to a website.

As a business owner we all want to get new customers to our websites. Many have tried blogging to drive traffic to their website and due to a shortage of hours in a day they end up dropping the blog or hiring ghost writers to develop content for the site. We now have a new player on the net and it comes in the form of Content Curation. No it will not completely eliminate business owners creating content for their website but adds a whole new area of content development for a website.

Over the past two years I’ve tested different content curation sites and tools and have found to be the leader in both innovation and traffic building potential.

Below are examples on how can drive traffic and help to show the world, yes the world that your business knows your market.

In this article are 3 areas that when done correctly can drive new traffic to your business or brand?.

*** If you would like help setting up a traffic generator for your company. Contact Brian at 1-888-535-9139 or Email Me ***

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Spice up your Web Page using CSS3 tricks #websitedesign

Spice up your Web Page using CSS3 tricks #websitedesign | WebsiteDesign |

CSS3 has proved to be extremely beneficial in terms of providing attractive design, reducing loading time and much more in designing a web page. CSS3 comes up with some modules and which has the capability of giving a different style to the web page, not only style but also helps in improving the performance and efficiency. Due to this reason, a number of developers nowadays is using CSS3 to design their web page.

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Why Your Back Links Needs Back Links #seo

Why Your Back Links Needs Back Links #seo | WebsiteDesign |

If you’re even remotely connected with search engine optimization, you will know that in that last few years Google is aggressively fighting spam back links. First it was the Panda but there were quite a few updates after that and you can be assured many more will come in the future.

In any war there is collateral damage, similarly while most of the spam websites were reduced some legitimate sites were also hit. They do have the option of considering things and submit a request for inclusion, but sometimes the damage is already done by then.

To be fair to Google, they are providing webmasters with notifications about spam back links to get rid of them and tools to disallow them when you can’t do anything about it. But if you build links in a natural way then you limit your chances of getting such notices in the first place.

With Panda Google fought spam content and discouraged many webmasters from creating shallow content. Now Google is starting to focus on spam or questionable links. And if a large portion of your link profile consists of questionable back links then your website or blog will have a higher chance of getting penalized. The key is to have a natural looking link profile and that is why it is important that your back links also have other back links pointing to them.

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Joomla upgrade - is version 3.0 right for me? #joomla3

Joomla upgrade - is version 3.0 right for me? #joomla3 | WebsiteDesign |

Although many additions and improvements have been made, the most significant change in this build is the adoption of the Bootstrap framework from Twitter.

Twitter Bootstrap instantly adds mobile responsiveness to Joomla — the ability to adjust the layout of the web site based on the size of the screen — making it one of the first open-source content management systems to become mobile-ready.

While Bootstrap adds enormous and clear benefits for site builders, add-on developers can also build their extensions using the Bootstrap elements baked into Joomla. This reduces development time and improves standards and usability for consumers.

Given the rise and popularity of mobile and responsive web site design, you might be tempted to upgrade a previous Joomla version to Joomla 3.0.

However, you must consider a number of factors to decide if Joomla 3.0 is right for you.

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HTML5 Video: The State Of HTML5 Video #HTML5

HTML5 Video: The State Of HTML5 Video #HTML5 | WebsiteDesign |

HTML5 has entered the online video market, which is both exciting and challenging for developers in the industry. With the HTML5 specification and the various browser implementations in constant flux.

This articles covers:

1. Market Share of Browsers and Devices

2. Media Formats

3. Tag Attributes

4. JavaScript API

5. Fullscreen Playback

6. Accessibility

7. Adaptive Streaming

The findings list in the article show that not all browers are really for HTML5.

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Use analytics to build your business #googleanalytics #smb

Use analytics to build your business #googleanalytics #smb | WebsiteDesign |
When Jeff Booth was a contractor in Vancouver, he was always infuriated when flooring didn’t arrive on a job site on time. So 13 years ago, he founded BuildDirect, an online shopping site for flooring products that took out the middleman. The company now sells to customers in 100 countries.

“I didn’t set out to build a dot-com business. I just wanted to simplify the industry,” Mr. Booth said.

While building supply sites account for only 0.2% of online ecommerce, BuildDirect had revenue of $28-million by its third year, up from $1-million in its first. “It was just a rocket ship,” Mr. Booth said.

With such rapid growth, keeping track of inventory and customer needs became overwhelming, he said. “We got ahead of ourselves. We couldn’t keep products in stock so were failing our customers. We really needed to get into better forecasting for manufacturers. That meant taking a step back and having a good hard look at analytics.”

The market slowdown gave the company the breathing space to do that. “We worked on it for 2½ years,” Mr. Booth said.

The time and effort have paid off, with BuildDirect doubling its growth from 2010 to 2011, and forecasting much the same for this year and next. It has also realized a 37% increase in search conversions, and a 100% rise in sample orders and email marketing conversions.

“With analytics we can do more than a [brick and mortar] retail store can,” Mr. Booth said. “While they can figure out what a customer chose once they reach the register, they don’t know how that person came to select the product and what they looked at.”

The power lies in the ability of Google Analytics to integrate data from a broad mix of marketing channels (email, Web, Facebook, Google Adwords, banner advertising, etc.) to provide a window into consumers’ minds, said Syed Hussaini, director of search marketing for BuildDirect.

A cross-channel view also lets BuildDirect quickly establish the return on investment for its online and offline marketing efforts. “Not all campaigns are equally effective,” Mr. Hussaini noted. “Some leak money; some work well. Analytics helps us figure out what works, how to improve content and adjust offers, and be much more diligent about how we spend our marketing money.”

“BuildDirect is in the top tier of what can be tracked and how, and using those numbers to guide business decisions,” said Andrew Covato, analytical lead for Google Canada in Toronto. “They understand how to become attuned to interaction between channels.”

“The base tools can cover pretty much all the needs of small to large businesses, from how people found you and what they did when on your site to where they existed,” he said, noting that all the tools used by BuildDirect are free.

While the number crunching involved might seem overwhelming, Mr. Hussaini said he spends less than an hour a day going over the analytics reports.

That’s a good thing given that he uses the rest of the time to manage next year’s growth. “We’ll be hiring a lot of employees. It’s going to be crazy,” he said.

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A Web Designer’s Introduction to A/B Testing #websitedesign

A Web Designer’s Introduction to A/B Testing #websitedesign | WebsiteDesign |
A/B testing is the process of experimenting with different options in order to measure the relative success of each one. Where the web is concerned, A/B testing can make it clear which design choices are most effective; clear to the designer and (more importantly) clear to the client.

There’s often a basic dichotomy between web designer and client. While the designer wants to make a beautiful, usable website, the client is focussed on achieving business goals. Clients often try to bridge this gap by influencing design decisions, and end up giving suggestions that seem jarring to the sensibilities of the designer.

However, what if the web designer closed the chasm between design and business by tweaking the website to increase the rate at which it achieves its business goals? This article explains how web designers can use A/B testing to increase the conversion rates of their clients’ websites and, in the process, make lives easier for themselves.
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How to Get More Customers With the Same Amount of Traffic by Using Customer Funnels

How to Get More Customers With the Same Amount of Traffic by Using Customer Funnels | WebsiteDesign |

Excerpted from article on KISSmetrics:

"Getting quality traffic on the interwebs is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. We can spam Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn all day. We’ll get a ton of traffic. But that won’t get us anywhere. We might go from 100 visits to 10,000 visits and still have only 2 customers.

Luckily, we have another option…


Get more customers with the traffic we already have:

The key to making this work is the marketing funnel.

Remember, funnels measure the number of people who move through a series of steps in order to become a customer.


Funnels help you find the bottleneck in your customer acquisition.


Once you know where people drop off in large batches, you’ll know which part of your business needs the most improvement. And once you fix the problem, you’ll get more customers with the same amount of traffic. That’s the beauty of tracking funnels.


5 Best Practices for Building Funnels

1. Fewer Steps is Better than More Steps:

One of the easiest ways to increase the percentage of people who get through your funnel is to eliminate a step. Yup, just hack it out completely. Even if you have an amazing design, world-class copy, and a perfect product, you’ll still lose people at each step.

I want you to be RUTHLESS with your funnels. Hack and slash every unnecessary click, field, button, and page you can. Have no mercy.


2. Start With a Benchmark:

This applies to ALL your metrics, not just your funnels.

Based on your industry, business model, target market, and the alignment of the stars, you’ll find a huge difference in metrics from one site to the next.


3. Look for Bottlenecks

I already alluded to the best way to prioritize your funnel improvements.

When you’re looking at your entire funnel and trying to decide which step gets your attention first, start with the bottlenecks. In most funnels, there are one or two steps that aren’t really steps. They’re brick walls.

Your mission? Find your bottlenecks and patch them asap.


4. When A/B Testing, Track the Impact on the Entire Funnel

Once you find your bottlenecks, you’ll want to start launching improvements to see if you can fix them. The best way to do this is with an A/B test.

A/B tests typically track only the next step.

As soon as you start testing improvements in your funnel, test your changes on the ENTIRE funnel instead of just the next step. This way, you won’t slow your customer growth by accident. And yes, I’ve seen this happen.


5. Track People

There’s a myth that most marketers automatically believe. As soon as you start to track your funnel, you’ll assume that customers move orderly through it.

This is false.

People bounce around in funnels.

So how do we get around this? Use customer analytics so you can track people. Then you’ll know how many people moved through each step, even if they’re bouncing around beforehand..."


The article is analyzed with more information, examples, and some tools. Read full article here:


Via Giuseppe Mauriello
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21 Clean Web Design Layouts | Inspiration

21 Clean Web Design Layouts | Inspiration | WebsiteDesign |
What makes a clean web design layout? What are the elements that tells us if a layout is clean or not?
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100 Smashing Websites with Full Size Image Background

100 Smashing Websites with Full Size Image Background | WebsiteDesign |
Internet and a screen resolution are advancing, therefore more and more designers use full sized photos as a website layout. A background image is a quite old web design trend, but still it is worth to be noticed.
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Matt Cutts explains the "Disavow links" feature of Google Webmaster Tools (video)

Matt Cutts explains the "Disavow links" feature of Google Webmaster Tools. Learn more about how to use the disavow links feature on our blog

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Inspirational Breakdown: 60 Typography-Driven Websites | Design Web Kit

Inspirational Breakdown: 60 Typography-Driven Websites | Design Web Kit | WebsiteDesign |
Today it’s quite hard to deny the fact that the world has a really powerful influence on the way of thinking. Therefore, a style and a manner of the text typing is a great instrument to influence on users’ behaviour.


[Here's a great list of very creative websites guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. ~ Jeff]

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Jeff Domansky, Eliza Steely
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How to SEO Images for Better Google Rankings

How to SEO Images for Better Google Rankings | WebsiteDesign |

Overview: A guide on optimizing images used in blog posts or website for better search engine rankings. In this tutorial, expect to learn how to SEO images and where to put or embed keywords on your images so that the search engine bots can detect it right away and index that image within your site or blog, and thus, indexing your blog post or website too! There’s a bonus tutorial for treps using Live Writer when publishing their blogs.

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Squeezing Maximum Torque out of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress Engines

Squeezing Maximum Torque out of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress Engines | WebsiteDesign |

Everyone knows that there are hundreds of thousands of CMS and their number constantly increases. But we can’t fight statistics what we see is that WP, J and D have gained the sympathy of website owners all over the world. Other CMSs simply represent base versions of middle price cars, some family wagons or chick cars with high mpg.

WordPress is user-friendly, best for bloggers.

Drupal is powerful, best for coders.

Joomla is a bit of both, more than WordPress but less than Drupal.

If you are designing a website for a not-so-technical client, or are looking for a simple solution to create a website, WP should be your preferred choice. Using Drupal or Joomla! for a simple blog will be bring headache for both. If security is a concern, Drupal or even Joomla! should be preferred. Along similar lines, if your website is of gigantic proportions (say, over 15,000 pages), Drupal can easily offer the robustness that you need.

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Design Recognizable Illustrations for your Digital Brand | Tips

Design Recognizable Illustrations for your Digital Brand | Tips | WebsiteDesign |
Branding design is one of the toughest fields to understand. It requires knowledge of marketing and what people like to see. When branding any website or mobile app you will want to draw attention towards your logo in some form. Illustrations are a really creative solution to build instant recognition for your company.

In this article I’d like to delve a bit deeper into the topic of branding illustrations. I’ll provide a few examples for each point and hopefully you can follow along with these ideas. Not everybody is a talented illustrator and so not everybody has the ability to create these potential brands. However you can always partner with another talented illustrator to make your ideas into a reality.

Why Use Illustrations?

People tend to be more attracted towards illustrations for a number of reasons. They are often very cartoon-like in nature with softer edges and a wide color palette. Because of this you will notice there is an almost unlimited amount of ideas you can put into design. This makes your branding appear more “fun” than with icons or symbols.

Illustrations are also quickly recognizable as objects connected to your product. A logo is just text with some creative design. But coupling text with an illustration is how you may capture interested followers over the years. People will recognize your illustrations and immediately connect these to your website – even if they see your illustrations somewhere else on the web!
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21 Inspiring iPhone App Websites

21 Inspiring iPhone App Websites | WebsiteDesign |
iPhone App websites are always a good source of inspiration. They are, most of the time, beautifully designed and showcase some really interesting apps.
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5 Things Travel and Hospitality Firms Must Do to Better Leverage Social

5 Things Travel and Hospitality Firms Must Do to Better Leverage Social | WebsiteDesign |
Ideas for building engagement, customer satisfaction, and great customer experiences.
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