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Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic] | WebsiteDesign |

Online Orphans The Rise of Shopping Cart Abandonment The Importance of Analyzing Order Fulfillment Challenges Any company with an ecommerce website...

Marty Note
One day right around this time of year I realized there was a business as large as the one I was managing out there in the ether. Our shopping cart abandonment could get as high as 64%. At that level the money lost is greater than the money we were making. Bringing customers back with emails and special offers has come a long way, but we have some hard road to travel yet.

We need to understand WHY shopping carts get abandoned. This infographic helps define the sources for the most common drops. Lucky, as is usually the case, many of these problems are simple fixes, small tweaks that could make a BIG difference in your website's money to the back and recovery from shopping cart abandonment.

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