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Multi-Angle Sharpness of Web Design Polygons #websitedesign

Multi-Angle Sharpness of Web Design Polygons #websitedesign | WebsiteDesign |

Each web developer knows that shapes are basic elements of design. We use shapes to convey the meaning and arrange information. They can be 2 or 3 dimensional, but all of them are divided into:

Geometric shapes in web design are developed through layout and CSS. The most common of them are squares and rectangles, circles, triangles, diamonds.Natural shapes are the ones that were created at God’s will (leaves, lakes) or by our congeners (cars, buildings). Natural shapes in web design are usually rendered with images.Abstract shapes have their prototypes in real world, but are much more symbolic, i.e.: icons and symbols.

In web design shapes help us make the layout more captivating and unusual, to guide the user’s eyes through the page, to match or scatter elements.

Now when we refreshed some general shape related terms, we can come down to more queer matters.

First of all let’s clarify the definition of a polygon. We can call a polygon any closed shape having at least three sides. This can be a triangle, a square or something more complicated, such as a five-sided polygon for instance. The word “polygon” derives from the Greek (polús) “much“, “many” and (gōnía) “corner“, “angle“, or “knee“. In computer graphics a polygon can be colored, shaded and textured.

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