FIBER Space | Event: Tarik Barri: Versum LIVE - 10 >> 12 Nov. 2012 | GOSSIP, NEWS & SPORT! |
Performance Saturday, Nov 10th, 20h and Sunday, Nov 11th, 20h
Versum is a realtime virtual 3D world that invites both the audience and the composer to look at the music and listen to the visuals.


The virtual world is seen and heard from the viewpoint of a virtual camera with virtual microphones attached, that moves through a 3d space, like in a first person shooter game. Within this space, we can see objects that can also be heard, and like in reality, the nearer they are, the louder we hear them. So when the camera (controlled in realtime) moves past several visual objects, we simultaneously hear several sounds fading in and out. Consequently, the exact path that the composer chooses, determines how melodies and rhythms will be seen and heard. ...

Via Jacques Urbanska