In fact, companies across multiple industries are already using Internet of Things technologies to track and manage physical assets, improve the customer experience, enhance supply chain visibility and more.

The global October 2012 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting “Building Value from Visibility: 2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook” showed the following results:

There is a positive perception of the term IoT in India, and 92% of respondents agree with a common definition provided of what IoT solutions are.

India Leads the World in Implementing IoT Solutions

30% of organizations in India already have an IoT solution in place as compared to 15% of organizations globally.

7 in 10 organizations in India are planning to implement IoT Solutions within the next two years as compared to 5 in 10 organizations globally. ...

While supply chain visibility and asset tracking are the top issues organizations hope to address with these solutions, the top benefits for surveyed enterprises in India include: improved customer service, supply chain visibility and cost efficiencies.