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Animal Triste - Émilie Hallard

Animal Triste - Émilie Hallard | web | Scoop.it

Animal Triste est mon adolescence photographique. Un poème visuel dont les strophes s’articulent autour de la vie, de la mort, de l’amour, du sexe, du vieillissement, de la solitude… Un poème où règnent la spontanéité, le désir, l’euphorie et la mélancolie. (2005-2011)

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From the Fujifilm X-E1 to the X-E2 | Randall Cipriano

From the Fujifilm X-E1 to the X-E2 | Randall Cipriano | web | Scoop.it


I will reserve any comments about image quality till after I run it through a proper shoot but all-in-all, I’m happy and welcome all the improvements implemented on the X-E2. Physically, it looks like the same camera, but only after using it will you realize the differences and improvements are significant. It addresses a lot of the concerns actual users have pointed out with the X-E1 and to top it off, Fujifilm has managed to merge some of the great features of the last few X series cameras into it as well.

I’ve only had the unit for about a week now and I can’t wait to finally test it out in the field. Also, the great guys at Vanguard and Phottix Philippines sent over some awesome stuff that I will be showing you in the next few days and I will be working them along with X-E2 as I head to the land of BB cream and Kimchi in a hours from postings this......

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Peter M Tan's curator insight, October 20, 2013 7:36 AM

Have an X-E1 ? Here's an article on the transition to X-E2.

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LAST BEST HIDING PLACE | Photographer: Tim Richmond

LAST BEST HIDING PLACE | Photographer: Tim Richmond | web | Scoop.it

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Tim Richmond‘s American West – depicted in Last Best Hiding Place – can be placed anywhere onto the continuum that has the myth at one end and the artist’s unique vision at the other end. It’s a place filled with characters and locations that manage to be specific and completely generic at the same time, with a rough, somewhat hurt, tenderness underneath. I can’t help but think that the photographer is very much aware of what he is taking pictures of, given there appears to be a balancing act at play: Every stereotype is depicted, to be subverted right away or elsewhere. There are cowboys, sure, but they have baby faces underneath their stubble.

Richmond’s West ends up throwing stereotypes and preconceived ideas back at us, reminding us that what we’d like to think of as real is really of our own choosing. What we find is what we’re looking for. Here, photography comes full circle, because it is always at least that: A quest for that, which we already know. And as long as we’re not deluding ourselves into thinking there’s more, we’re in good shape.


I’ve written many times that photography really only excels when it’s being done with its own limitations in mind. These limitations arise from the technical nature of the medium in more ways than one. The properties of the camera have as much to do with it as the fact that a photographer is pointing the camera into some direction, at something in the world.


A long time ago, photographers were able to point their cameras at the world, a world not weighed down by preconceived ideas and earlier photographs. Now, when you point your camera at the world, you’re really pointing it more at all those images in our minds than at the world itself.

The secret then is to make this work, to produce photographs that can still stand on their own, while acknowledging all the ones that came before them. Tim Richmond‘sLast Best Hiding Place does just that, and it does it well.

All photographs © and kindly provided by Tim Richmond 

Jean-Marie Grange's curator insight, October 9, 2013 3:39 PM

Depressing America...

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Far - Emile Hyperion Dubuisson

Far - Emile Hyperion Dubuisson | web | Scoop.it

Neige et taïga, solitude et liberté, sévérité et romance. C'est cette Sibérie que le jeune Emile Hyperion Dubuisson, découvre à 18 ans, ahuri par ces jours sans soleil, ces tempéraments rugueux et ces températures qui interdisent toute errance prolongée. Il s'improvise alors photographe, bravant les conditions pour collecter quelques souvenirs de cette expédition hors du monde. L'eau glacée de Moscou a ruiné les films qu'il a tenté de développer. Les marques filamenteuses laissées par ce laborieux processus accentuent les lignes du climat rigoureux, étouffant le paysage dans une volée de hachures floconneuses et ondulant de dunes imperceptibles les étendues monochromes et vides. Avec son amateurisme avoué, ce travail est une éloge de la spontanéité, des accidents. De l'éditing aussi, qui nous guide dans cette intrigue feutrée où des silhouettes romantiques arpentent les voies blanches et moelleuses que l'on atteint seulement par hélicoptère, traineau ou autoneige. Des caméras surgissent, des rires explosent, chacun s'affaire à défier le temps pétrifié par l'isolement sans parvenir à troubler le silence. Ca laisse démuni et rêveur, comme semble l'exprimer, un renne monocorne enfoui dans la neige et le flanc de son compagnon.

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[focus on] Russian new face Katya 'Kid' Plotnikova | via Models.com

[focus on] Russian new face Katya 'Kid' Plotnikova | via Models.com | web | Scoop.it

Photo: ©® Lev Efimov - All rights reserved

(by courtesy of Models.com) 

« From Perm, Russia, new kid Kid has been modelling for a year after being stopped by a scout on the street and signing with Bloom Production. After kicking off her career in Asia, Kid is ready for the majors. Placed with FM London, and confirmed this week by Women in Paris and Milan, Europe is this kid’s next stop. Fluent in English, Kid loves nothing more than to laugh and have fun – but this girl’s exotic beauty is serious business. Almond eyes, pouty lips, and flawless skin – here’s lookin’ at ya, Kid! » 

©® Models.com 

View and read more: http://bit.ly/15tNtbC ;

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Herve Le Duc's curator insight, October 11, 2013 2:53 PM

Katya 'Kid' Plotnikova is no longer with Noah Models 

and Satoru Japan Inc (Tokyo)

According to Models.com, she's now placed with: 

FM London (no portfolio available yet)

and Women Management in Paris & Milan (no portfolio available yet)

Mother Agency: Bloom Productions (NY & Paris)