Facebook's Zuckerberg: "Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity" | MichaelZimmer.org | Web 2.0 et société | Scoop.it

Interesting article about the integrity of people claiming more than one personality, as put by the writer as a comment on a statement by Zuckerberg.


I fully understand the authors point of view, all but one : Zuckerberg never said you had to publish everything visible to everybody. Facebook's structure allows you to swift from one context to another, displaying different personal and corporate information to different sets of people. Basically it comes down to one person, different contexts, differents information flows. Correct me if I am wrong!



"There are many different definitions of identity, not all of which make sense. I prefer the view that an identity is a set of assertions about yourself that you may lay claim to. So in a sense everyone only has one identity and has only ever had one ‘identity’. But in practice we expose different sets of claims depending on the circumstances. Nobody puts their membership in Alcoholics Anonymous on their CV."