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Augmented Reality: The Future of Multiplayer Gaming? Or vice-versa?

Augmented Reality: The Future of Multiplayer Gaming? Or vice-versa? | Online Gaming For The Win |
"There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Ingress, Google’s latest foray into online social networking. Instead of focusing on creating another facebook, Ingress is Google’s attempt at using that massive pile of data they’ve been collecting about us to use in a way that hasn’t really been done before, in an augmented reality game"

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Guillaume Decugis's insight:

We could indeed ask whether online gaming isn't augmented reality's future. I'm not an expert with AR but it seems to me this promising technology is taking time to find massive scale applications. Not unlike voice recognition. Maybe gaming is the way to make it finally happen?

Nik Pregelj's curator insight, March 20, 2013 9:59 PM

This article looks at the google glasses and the possiblity of creating an Augmented reality where you can turn ANY real life environment into a 'battlefield' for first person shooting games just by wearing the glasses.


I think the fun factor of being able to turn any environment you want into a 'map' to game on and then play a first person shooter in it could definetly make this extremely successful. This could definately be the future and next level of gaming.


Although this new way of gaming could be extremely fun it may not be appealing to all gamers and/or porffesional and competitive gamers who prefer to be inside in a relaxed position instead of having to be physically active for long periods of time while they game.


This could be an issue as to how succesfull and widespread this new form of gaming will be with a lot of people not wanting to have to be physically active while they game. This could hinder the success however there could still and probably will be a huge market for this type of gaming with how immersive and interactive it is.


Theres also huge possibilities with advertising with this sort of gaming aswell.

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