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ISIS in America...TX arrests Muslim terror suspect wearing ISIS body armor

ISIS in America...TX arrests Muslim terror suspect wearing ISIS body armor | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

ISIS in America...they're here....via Steve Russo...

11 More News Stories Of Jihadist Infiltrating The Homeland That Were Ignored By The Politically Correct "News Outlets" In This Country. Including Houston Police Arresting Three ISIS Terror Suspects, One Wearing ISIS Body Armor On Tuesday! 

What happens when you have a president that refuses to secure our borders, considers Islam to be a peaceful religion, says ISIS is a regional threat and amateurs and doesn't consider them to represent Islam? You have one big disaster of a terror attack waiting to happen. 

So am I nuts or does anyone else think that a Muslim man, walking around Houston wearing a bulletproof vest with ISIS silk screened on it with the Black Jihadi flag should be the leading news story throughout the country? I know it's not nearly as important as a football player punching his wife and knocking her out or the latest celebrity wedding, but maybe every once in awhile there could be a concerted effort to actually inform people that there might be a threat near them. 

1. Houston Police arrest Muslim terror suspect wearing ISIS body armor... (Sept 9)

Houston police officers confronted and arrested a suspected terrorist who was wearing body armor with the ISIS insignia embroidered on it on September 5th. Photos of the arrest and suspect have been floating around the internet, but the media is ignoring this story and Houston Police have declined to comment.

Is this the same Muslim photographed at Jason’s Deli Saturday with an ISIS logo on his Islamic robe? Sure as hell looks like the same guy!http://woundedamericanwarrior.com/exclusive-houston-man-caught-supporting-isis-robe-location/

2. Two Islamic State Supporters Arrested in Houston (Sept 5)
Two ISIS supporters terrified members of a Shiite mosque in Houston when they interrupted prayer services by screaming orders that the Shiites “repent” from their beliefs and join “the right way” under the leadership of Abu Bakr Baghdadi. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/sep/5/husain-isis-attempts-establish-foothold-us/

3. Islamic State Activity in the Infidel World (Including inside the US)

4. Colorado: American convert to Islam, and still Muslim, pleads guilty to ISIS support...

Shannon Maureen Conley’s plan to join ISIS and serve as a nurse at a jihadist camp ended Wednesday with a guilty plea to a terror charge in a Colorado federal court. Conley, 19, was arrested at Denver International Airport in April as she was about to embark on a journey to Germany and eventually to an ISIS camp near the Turkish border. She told investigators that she was going to Turkey to await word from her suitor, identified in court documents as Yousr Mouelhi, an ISIS member she met on the Internet, whom she planned to marry. http://www.cbs19.tv/story/26510191/colorado-teen-pleads-guilty-in-plan-to-join-isis

5. Boston bombers’ mosque tied to ISIS, at least 8 known Muslim terrorists...

When it was revealed that the Boston Marathon bombers attended a Cambridge, Mass., mosque, its leaders were quick to disavow their actions.
Elder brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s ideology was not their own, the leaders of the Islamic Society mosque claimed. In fact, he was admonished for an extremist outburst he made during one sermon. So, one crackpot in a congregation. Who can blame the mosque? But what about eight — including a prominent member of ISIS? http://nypost.com/2014/09/07/jihadi-behind-beheading-videos-linked-to-notorious-us-mosque/

6. Muslim killed fighting for ISIS worked at Minneapolis Intl Airport...

7. Well-educated Boston Muslim is Wanted ISIS social media guru...

et another American is suspected of joining ISIS and using skills acquired in this country to advance the goal of a global caliphate. Ahmad Abousamra, a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a degree related to computer technology, is suspected of being the social media manager of ISIS and is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/09/feds_seek_boston_man_as_possible_isis_social_media_guru.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

8. North Carolina: American Turned Muslim Reveals His Quest to Join ISIS

Just a few weeks ago a Catholic-born, American man –- a former military school student, special forces aspirant, law enforcement officer and bodybuilder — set off on a path far from any he’d envisioned for himself as a kid in North Carolina: on the other side of the world, in Lebanon, he was trying to figure out how to get into Syria and join ISIS, the most radical, bloodthirsty terrorist group of our times.
Don Morgan, 44, said he was answering a higher calling.http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/exclusive-american-extremist-reveals-his-quest-join-isis-n194796

9. Dozen Muslims from Twin Cities fighting with ISIS, teen girl recruited last week

In between Muslim and media propaganda about disaffected youth with nothing better to do with their lives than go to foreign lands to wage jihad, we find out as recently as “a week ago” a Muslim girl left to wage jihad in Syria. Or service jihadis somewhere. http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/american-terror-pipeline-dozen-twin-cities-fight-syria/story?id=25166506

10. Minnesota Imam On Terrorist Watch List Skipped TSA Search Before Denver Flight...

But don't worry, TSA did nab an 82 year old Grandma and stripped search her because her Depends set off an alarm! A Minneapolis imam from a mosque associated with men who had traveled to Somalia to fight for al-Shabaab was once on the no-fly list but eventually managed to get these name taken off. A TSA spokesperson would not confirm whether any individual is on a watch list; however, sources told Fox 9 News an internal review is under way and that the confusion during a lunchtime shift change at the checkpoint may be to blame. Still, that means the Quad S passenger slipped through three layers of security, and no one was any the wiser until he was already in the air.http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/26500858/minneapolis-man-slips-security-list-on-denver-flight

11. Seized ISIS laptop computer shows how to commit mass biological warfare attacks against non-Muslims...

Just wonderful. Call it the Laptop from Hell: a terrifying trove of documents discovered on a laptop computer apparently recently seized from an ISIS fighter in Syria show how to commit mass biological warfare attacks against non-Muslims, revel in Nazi ideology, and offers a banana mousse recipe to, well, kill for, according to Foreign Policy Magazine.

Between 2009 and 2013, the device’s owner, reputedly a 24-year-old Tunisian national named Muhammed S., studied chemistry and physics, and stuffed the computer with a whopping “146 gigabytes of material, containing a total of 35,347 files in 2,367 folders.”

The 26-page-long Islamic ruling on the laptop instructs believers (Muslims) to use weapons of mass destruction to reach their goals. “If Muslims cannot defeat the kuffar (unbelievers) in a different way, it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction, even if it kills all of them and wipes them and their descendants off the face of the Earth,” according to imprisoned Saudi jihadi cleric Nasir al-Fahd.” http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/09/10/revealed-bubonic-plague-recipes-neo-nazi-screeds-celine-dion-and-banana-mousse-on-seized-isis-terrorists-computer/#

littlebytesnews's insight:


Is the Islamic State in a town Near You? (And the Truth About the Levant) http://ht.ly/Bte51

This is the only other site I have seen the image of the ISIS member wearing body armor in the back of what looks like a police car...and the post indicates he's the same guy in the recent image of an ISIS member seen at a deli in TX.



CA  News Station ABC7 claims the FBI can't confirm any arrests of an ISIS member in Houston....Like we can trust the FBI,DHS or anyone in govt to tell us the truth...they're told to tell us the world is safer http://t.co/wLCvYWklZo ;

littlebytesnews's curator insight, September 13, 2014 5:22 PM



Is the Islamic State in a town Near You? (And the Truth About the Levant) http://ht.ly/Bte51

This is the only other site I have seen the image of the ISIS member wearing body armor in the back of what looks like a police car...and the post indicates he's the same guy in the recent image of an ISIS member seen at a deli in TX.



CA  News Station ABC7 claims the FBI can't confirm any arrests of an ISIS member in Houston....Like we can trust the FBI,DHS or anyone in govt to tell us the truth...they're told to tell us the world is safer http://t.co/wLCvYWklZo  


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Look to Libya To See The Future of Syria if the US intervenes

Look to Libya To See The Future of Syria if the US intervenes | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

If you want a pertinent analogy to the situation that faces us now in Syria, rather than look to World War II or the beginning of the Cold War, you’d do far better to look to the situation that faced us just a year or so back in Libya. John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s very good friendMuammar Gaddafi was, no doubt, a very bad guy. So we helped the “freedom fighters” who opposed him, thus (or so we thought) watering the tender shoots of the “Arab Spring.”

That sounds odd now, doesn’t it, the phrase “Arab Spring”? You don’t hear it much anymore, and with good reason. Libya, for example, has descended into “lawlessness and ruins,” thanks in no small part to our meddling. It turned out to be a bad case of Spring Fever, not the beneficent outbreak of freedom and democracy we were all promised.

Actually, that’s a promise — or perhaps “fantasy” is a better word — that we made to ourselves. Any candid look at those “freedom fighters” would have discerned not budding James Madisons, but embryo Osama bin Ladens.

And so it is in Syria. I am deeply hesitant about Obama’s plan — or half-plan, or swaggering non-red line in the sand that he never drew anyway. I am deeply hesitant about the spasmodic lurch Obama is threatening partly because I believe he is a bumbling incompetent who is vastly more likely to make things worse, not better, but also partly because I don’t trust the administration’s narrative about what happened in Syria.

Last month, someone used poison gas outside Damascus. Many people, including many children, died. Question: who used the poison gas?  That great statesman John Kerry says it was Assad. But what ifRaymond Ibrahim is right and it wasn’t Assad but the “rebels” who were using chemical weapons? What then?

As Andrew McCarthy has pointed out, al-Qaeda has a long and grisly history of attempting to acquire chemical weapons.

That’s one question: who actually used the poison gas?

And here’s another, which goes back to my friend’s advice about the towel: suppose we depose, or sufficiently weaken so others can depose, John Kerry’s dinner partner Bashar al-Assad. What then? Assad is a thug. No doubt about that. But what about the people who might replace him? What do we think of them?

As I suggested in this space a few days back, I believe that Obama provides us with a textbook case of a moral quandary Aristotle described in the Nicomachean Ethics. His bad decisions have left him in a situation where he has no good choices. There was a time, early in his administration, when he might have taken effective action against Syria’s big brother, Iran.  That time has probably passed. His Islamophilic rhetoric, from his notorious Cairo speech of 2009, right down to his handling of the Ft. Hood massacre, the so-called “Arab Spring,” the Boston bombings, and the multifarious State Department initiatives to stamp out the fantasy sin of “Islamophobia,” have left him weak, confused, and belligerently impotent.

littlebytesnews's insight:

Yep, the situation in Libya should give good enough reason why we should not support the so called 'moderate rebels' in Syria, both sides are bad and the country will be left worse off. In Syria the US will be under greater threat if Syria is overthrown by AQ rebels because they have the support of Iran and will have access to nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and our national security and the world will be in greater danger. 



Putin right,Kerry lied:Top intelligence reports   confirm jihadists overpowering 'moderates' | http://sco.lt/7cYWVF ;


The Truth About Al Qaeda Infiltration in Syria http://sco.lt/7wmiZN


Allen West to Congress: Don't Let Obama Make You a Scapegoat for Syria  http://sco.lt/5QMOmn ;


Obama gets Cold Feet -Syrian's celebrating&call admin a joke  http://sco.lt/8ULZuj


EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack http://sco.lt/5ugDFR ;


Syrians vow to “burn America’s skies” on Obama’s Facebook  http://sco.lt/8JmIMr ;


A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme 'approved by Washington' is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.





Russia warns US of 'catastrophic consequences' of Syria intervention http://sco.lt/8PtJ5d



On Fox News today with Neil Cavuto: Wayne Simmons frmr CIA op claims he has human evidence that the FSA is the secular/humanitarian group&the US shld help&bomb Syria air&palace...however that's contrary to other reports, including reports from victims of the attack.



video evidence shows Syrian rebels using the chemical weapons in Syria  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=194084144098569&set=vb.1390539321171537&type=2&theater


UN Diplomat: Jihadists May Have Used Gas - Not Assadhttp://sco.lt/5YnWCX ;

Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government, that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior U.N. diplomat said Monday.

Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent.



Liberal Hypocrisy in Iraq and Syria

http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/liberal-wmd-hypocrisy-in-iraq-and-syria ;


President Obama is weighing a military strike against Syria that would be of limited scope and duration, designed to serve as punishment for Syria’s use of chemical weapons and as a deterrent, while keeping the United States out of deeper involvement in that country’s civil war, according to senior administration officials.

The timing of such an attack, which would probably last no more than two days and involve sea-launched cruise missiles — or, possibly, long-range bombers — striking military targets not directly related to Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, would be dependent on three factors: completion of an intelligence report assessing Syrian government culpability in last week’s alleged chemical attack; ongoing consultation with allies and Congress; and determination of a justification under international law.



Remember Bashar the Reformer?

American officials who for ego or because of animosity toward George W. Bush did their best to end Assad’s isolation. It’s always fun to read their statements reporting Assad’s willingness to solve mutual problems.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.), who took time out to tour the markets to maximum benefit for Syrian state television.Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), more John Kerry, and even more John Kerry. That second story reminds how the Obama administration once went so far as to give Syria spare parts for its planes.The late Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.), at the time still a Republican, might have acted as a tour guide: His trip with Nelson and Kerry was his 16th taxpayer-funded trip to Damascus, and it was not his last.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not have gone herself, but she used her senate colleagues’ experience meeting Assad to justify her description of him as a reformer. “There’s a different leader in Syria now,” she told CBS’s Face the Nation, explaining, “Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) spent nearly $8,000 on two trips to Damascus, while Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) spent nearly twice that, according to Legistorm.Gen. David Petraeus repeatedly asked President George W. Bush for permission to go tête-à-tête with Assad in Damascus; let’s be glad Bush said no, both because it saved Petraeus the embarrassment and denied Assad a propaganda coup.

Perhaps in this age of budget-cutting, it would be useful to ask Pelosi, Kerry, and Nelson—all of whom still serve publicly—about what in hindsight they see as the value of their trips to Syria



 U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime' | http://sco.lt/5MRT4j




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'I would rather see him suffer - Death is too quick': Fury of Boston bomber's victims as 'smirking and yawning' teenage suspect pleads NOT GUILTY to terror attack as he appears in court for first time

'I would rather see him suffer - Death is too quick': Fury of Boston bomber's victims as 'smirking and yawning' teenage suspect pleads NOT GUILTY to terror attack as he appears in court for first time | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Disgusted victims and family of the Boston marathon terror attacks unleashed their fury at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Wednesday, as the teenage suspect pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.
littlebytesnews's insight:

What arrogancee and to think some people protested for his freedom, as if he's innocent....give me a break.

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Terror-Linked Saudi At Scene Of Boston Bombing Was Guest At WH 4th Of July, 2013 Celebration

Terror-Linked Saudi At Scene Of Boston Bombing Was Guest At WH 4th Of July, 2013 Celebration | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Related - BuzzFeed Lists Michelle Obama Visiting Saudi As Most ‘Mind-Blowingly Ridiculous’ Of 6 Boston Marathon ‘Conspiracy Theories’ – The Blaze Then Publishes Photos Of Visit UPDATE: A law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the...
littlebytesnews's insight:

Not surprised...who is this kid, the song of King Abdullah or nephew??



Apparently he's been to the WH before:

Alert:Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times-Obama cover-up in progress  http://sco.lt/7nVCnx




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New Al Qaeda Video Urges Boston-Like Homeland Attacks

New Al Qaeda Video Urges Boston-Like Homeland Attacks | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Al Qaeda's most dangerous franchise is threatening the U.S. with renewed attempts at homeland terror attacks, while urging radicalized Americans to launch strikes like the Boston bombings and poison mail cases on their own.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Not surprised,they feel victorious,especially now that Obama has pretty much surrendered to the war on terror by denying that Islam is at war with the US.

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WTH?Obama Tells Senior UN Official "The US Will be a Muslim Country by 2016"

WTH?Obama Tells Senior UN Official "The US Will be a Muslim Country by 2016" | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
by, Avi LipkinOn the surface, the fact that the U.S. Commerce Department is considering granting “disadvantaged minority” business status to Arab Americans doesn’t appear to elicit a cause for alar...
littlebytesnews's insight:

Is this Obama's goal for America? It wouldn't surprise me considering he's surrendering the 'war on terror' and running like a dog with his tail between his legs by ending the war in Afghanistan. He's been playing the role of leading the war on terror by ordering drone strikes and ordering the SEALs to kill Osama, but the rest of his actions have emboldened and enabled Muslims throughout the Middle East.


Instead of standing up for democracy and true freedom fighters in Iran, Obama ignored them and embraced the Arab Spring in 2009 which led to the overthrow of our ally Mubarak in Egypt and eventually Gaddaffi in Libya. Now he's working on arming Al Qaeda terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to overthrow Assad.


Obama is the new Osama leading Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and North Africa. He's emboldened our enemies and told us "the future doesn't belong to those who insult Islam'' and that the US is not a Christian nation shortly after he was inaugurated in 2009. 

Since then we have been attacked several times within the US, at least twice successfully: The Ft. Hood jihadist who killed 13 and an unborn child and the Boston bombers who killed four and injured 100s. 


Then there's the DOJ Eric Holder who wants to criminalize those who insult Islam on social media/blogs by considering those insults a civil rights violation. In the meantime, Christians are being persecuted by the IRS in a political witch hunt. 


I fear we are well on our way to becoming invaded by Islam, especially if and when amnesty passes. God forbid it does before the 2014 election or we are all doomed to lose another election and the Presidency in 2016. Obama and the Democrats are so willing to bow to Islam they don't care that they are trying to kills us and are spreading terror throughout the world, and killing Christians at a higher rate than any other time in recent history. It seems his actions are speaking louder than words...and at the same time he will never and has never insulted Islam or admitted the 'war on terror' is against Islamic terror. The Obama admin won't even classify the Ft. Hood shooting spree an act of terror, let alone Islamic terrorism!


It's time to arrest and impeach this POS POTUS before we are an Islamic country ruled by sharia law and every aspect of our military and government is so corrupted there is no going back!

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Are Boston’s Elite throwing innocent Muslim kids to the wolves?

Are Boston’s Elite throwing innocent Muslim kids to the wolves? | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

via @Daledamos:

Protecting America’s Muslim Youth
Charles Jacobs , Americans for Peace and Tolerance

[NOTE: This piece was published on the day that a jihadist beheaded a British soldier in London. That “scoops” my opening paragraph, but it’s only the next dot for those who’ve been unafraid to point out the pattern.]

Many people saw -- or purposely looked away from – this week’s horrifying YouTube videos coming out of Syria. One showed an armed rebel carving out the heart of a dead Syrian soldier and then eating it; another scanned the merciless execution of a half-dozen Syrian soldiers who were shot in the back of the head as they knelt, blindfolded. The heart-eater was identified as Abu Sakkar of the Omar Farouq Bridgade who threatened that his group would do this to all of Assad’s troops. The killers were jihadists. Before committing the murders, they read out a “death sentence” which proclaimed their victims to be “apostates.”

It would be reasonable to cite these grizzly scenes as validating Pamela Geller’s controversial ads – now appearing on busses and in subway stations around the country -- which call jihadist “savages.” (See my last column.) What could be more savage than cannibalism or killing helpless captives?  We know that there are many more, un-filmed, atrocities committed by jihadists around the world… from the daily street bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to the gruesome slaughter of innocent Christians in Nigeria.

...I believe that Americans have a responsibility to protect the next generation of Muslim youth from ideological predators.  There are many decent moderate Muslims in Sharon, Massachusetts who experienced their mosque, the oldest in New England, being hijacked by radicals leaders connected to the Islamic Society of Boston and Muslim American Society. These peaceful American Muslims want to have their children assimilate into our culture, but were weakened in their ability to confront the radicals by Boston civic leaders who embraced the radical ISB leaders.

Read the whole thing ( http://goo.gl/Xb2NK ;).

littlebytesnews's insight:

I don't know if they are throwing ''innocent Muslims to the wolves'', but Islam teaches to kill those who oppose sharia law and who do not convert to Islam. It also teaches to kill those who insult Islam and become apostates or convert to Christianity.


If more people would turn away from Islam and it's political ideology of hate and destruction perhaps the destruction of Islam would come, but until they do we must denounce Islam as a religion and stop giving them first amendment protections. In the US they are hiding behind the protections of our first amendment by declaring Islam a religion and defending their beliefs in sharia law,and through oppression of women by enforcing dress codes and sharia law.


As long as we continue to give them this religious protection they will continue to exist and continue to demand respect even though Islam and sharia law are incompatible with our way of life and go against our freedoms and Constitutional rights. 


When we bow to Islam and pander to them by denying Islamic terror attacks are connected not to one particular terrorist group, but to Islam itself we are denying the real terrorist threat against us. 


Obama himself has bowed to Islam, by declaring that 'the future does not belong to those who insult Islam', following the Benghazi terror attack which killed four Americans in Libya last Sept 11, 2012. By stating this Obama showed his appeasement and weakness and bowed to our enemies by justifying Islam and accepting it as a religion, therefore accepting their worldview. Some believe there are peaceful Muslims....which may be true, not all are ''soldiers for Allah' and willing to shed innocent blood, but their silence against global terrorism and acts of violence against non-Muslims and apostates is what enables and emboldens jihadists to continue. Denial is a form of commplicity and silence is also a form of complicity.


But, also those who attend these mosques are financing global terrorism, some may be doing so willingly while others are naieve to what is really going on. Either way until these so called 'peaceful Muslims' denounce global terror and jiahdists they will never fully assimilate and until they denounce Islam and recognize it as an evil political ideology founded by a false prophet and pedophile they will remain complict and a part of the problem.

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Obama told a joke?>Obama: No 'Large Scale' Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Since I Became President

Obama told a joke?>Obama: No 'Large Scale' Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Since I Became President | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
CNSNews.com was launched on June 16, 1998 as a news source for individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium on balance than spin and seek news that’s ignored or under-reported as a result of media bias by omission.
littlebytesnews's insight:

I'd call the Boston Bombing and Ft. Hood terrorist attacks large scale attacks...they may not have killed 100s like on 9/11, but the potential was there and 100s were injured and dozens were killed!

He's a delusional fool or a true clown leading the country or both. Either way he MUST go! He is not making us safer and has no intention of securing our borders, and won't even acknowledge that there is a global war on terror and by closing Gitmo or ending the war in Afghanistan is going to end the war on terror. Terrorism won't end until Islam is eradicated!

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High unemployment leads to rioting by Islamist immigrants in Sweden??

High unemployment leads to rioting by  Islamist immigrants in Sweden?? | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

Sweden – one of Europe’s most tranquil countries, famous for its attractive immigration policies and generous welfare system – has been accepting an influx of immigrants, which now make up about 15 per cent of its population. These migrants have failed to integrate into Swedish society, and are only in the country to enjoy the country’s social benefits system, Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist told RT. 

“The problem is not from the Swedish government or from the Swedish people,” the editor in chief of Dispatch International said. “The last 20 years or so, we have seen so many immigrants coming to Sweden that really don’t like Sweden. They do not want to integrate, they do not want to live in [Swedish] society: Working, paying taxes and so on.” 

“The people come here now because they know that Sweden will give them money for nothing. They don’t have to work, they don’t have to pay taxes – they can just stay here and get a lot of money. That is really a problem,” Carlqvist added. 

“The police could do so much, [instead] they have told the public that they mean to do as little as possible. But they could go there and use water cannons, they could not let people out onto the streets at night. There are so many things they could do within the law – but they don’t do it,” she said. 

Young Muslims who enjoy tolerance, social institutions and welfare while living in Sweden nevertheless refuse to integrate into the West, Gerolf Annemans told RT. Annemans is the parliamentary leader of Vlaams Belang (‘Flemish Interest’), a Belgian far-right nationalist political party. 

“They [Muslim youths] have always sought excuse to show that they are not agreeing with the basic values of Western society,” Annemans said, pointing to the recent cases of the Boston Marathon bombing in the US and yesterday’s beheading of a British soldier in the UK. 

“It’s always the same problem. There is a massive refusal by Muslim youngsters of the basics of Western society... and they take any excuse whatsoever to show that with violence – that is where the problem is,” he said.Hmmmm.....“Violence does not build up the kingdom of God, the kingdom of humanity. On the contrary, it is a favorite instrument of the Antichrist, however idealistic its religious motivation may be,” - Pope Benedict XVI.Read the full story here.

littlebytesnews's insight:

Sounds like Islamists failure to assimilate into society is to blame, in addition to the lax immigration policies that allowed so many unemployed and unskilled Muslim immigrants into their country. They don't want to contribute to society, pay taxes and live by the laws, nor do they want to assimilate to Western civilizations laws. Why are they allowing so many Muslim immigrants and others into the country??!!


How soon before we have this problem here?? If the immigration reform policy being forced on us in the Senate passes, we could see unemployment double in the US and our welfare system become overwhelmed to the point of Sweden and Greece. Youth unemployment in the US is already at or slightly above 16%, with many black Americans being the largest group of unemployed. Why are we even considering amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants who will only burden our welfare system further. We don't have any jobs for law abiding Americans right now, what makes anyone think we can afford to give citizenship to millions more people??!!



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FBI shoots Chechen dead in Florida, man questioned over links to Boston bombers

FBI shoots Chechen dead in Florida, man questioned over links to Boston bombers | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
A Chechen man was shot dead at his home in Orlando, Florida when an interview with law enforcers regarding his ties to the Boston marathon bombing suspects and his role in a related 2011 triple murder in Massachusetts reportedly turned violent.
littlebytesnews's insight:

After he lunged at them with a knife....wonder how they found out he was connected to the Boston bombers??

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Video:UK Jihadist:'We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you' after 'hacking soldier in Help For Heroes T-shirt'

Video:UK Jihadist:'We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you' after 'hacking soldier in Help For Heroes T-shirt' | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
The dramatic video emerged after terrified eyewitnesses saw two men shot by police marksmen following a machete attack on a serving soldier in Woolwich, south-east London.


Man tells camera: 'I apologise that women had to witness this today'
Soldier attacked with meat cleavers and knives in Woolwich, SE London
Eyewitness says: 'They were hacking at him, chopping him, cutting him'
Two suspects waited until police arrived before trying to attack them
Prime Minister David Cameron described the killing as 'truly shocking'
Cobra meeting hears there are strong indications it was terrorist incident
Suspects used 'a number of weapons' in attack, Metropolitan Police say
Muslim Council: Act will no doubt heighten tensions on British streets.


A dramatic video tonight emerged of a man with bloodied hands, carrying knives and ranting 'We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you', after a serving soldier was hacked to death by two men just 200 yards from an Army barracks.

The man can be seen and heard talking to the camera. The video came as terrified eyewitnesses saw two men shot by police marksmen after the machete attack in Woolwich, south-east London. 

The two men are thought to have waited around for 20 minutes until Metropolitan Police officers arrived and then tried to attack them - but were swiftly shot by armed policemen, including a woman.

They apparently shouted 'Allahu Akbar', which means 'God is great' in Arabic, and tried to film the attack, the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe tonight confirmed two men had been arrested and officers from the counter-terrorist unit were leading the investigation into the killing.

He said: 'It is hard to comprehend the shocking and horrific scenes we have seen this afternoon on a busy street as Londoners went about their day as normal. We have launched a murder investigation.'

Theresa May tonight called a meeting of the Government's emergency Cobra committee in response to the machete and knife attack on the man who was wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt.

The Home Secretary said she had been briefed on the killing by the head of MI5 and police later confirmed they were treating the incident as a possible terror attack.


 More...'They were chopping and cutting him': Shocked eyewitness tells of horrific machete attack on soldierShocking video taken by eyewitnesses to slaughter of soldier in which 'killer' blames British Government and apologises to women who saw it'The most appalling crime': David Cameron condemns knife killing of soldier as he abandons trip to France to return to LondonMan charged with murder of four soldiers killed in IRA's 1982 Hyde Park bombing after being arrested stepping off plane from Ireland'I saw a little person pushed up against the front wheel. I scooped her up and she was floppy’: Mark Bridger takes the stand to deny murdering April Jones


The Cobra meeting heard that security has been tightened at Woolwich barracks and increased at all London barracks. It was also told there are strong indications that this was a terrorist incident.


Mrs May said said: ‘What happened today in Woolwich was a sickening and barbaric attack. This attack was an attack on everyone in the UK. It will be condemned by people from every community.

‘We have seen terrorism on the streets of Britain before, and have always stood firm against it. Despicable acts like these will not go un

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2329089/Woolwich-attack-Two-men-hack-soldier-wearing-Help-Heroes-T-shirt-death-machetes-suspected-terror-attack.html#ixzz2U3qoSmkQ  

littlebytesnews's insight:

If this isn't a wake up call for the UK, the US and all of the Western and civilized world I don't know what is. These people are savage, evil beasts and the more we allow them into our country the more likely things like this will happen. 


I hope those in Congress start paying attention before they legalize more illegals into our country and make it easier for these Islamists to come into our country, not to mention drug cartel, sex offenders, and other criminals!


We must protect our sovereignty and national security and demand border enforcement and an end to immigration from terrorist countries and an end to immigration by Islamists!


Whoever shot this savage, should have done the world a favor and shot him dead in the head. He's not worth the time of day nor the money it will cost to treat him in the hospital and convict him or murder and terrorism!


At least the UK is calling this attack terrorism, now for them to stop pandering to Islamists. I hope this wakes up the US and Border security and national security comes first. This was not just a random act of violence...they are waiting and lurking around the world, especially in the West and waiting to attack either with bombs, like the Boston bombers or with cleavers and swords. They will find a way to kill non-Muslims, they hate non-Muslims and apostates and especially our military and the UK/NATO for fighting against their quest to world domination!


Islamism is the new Nazism and must be eradicated!

Vloasis's curator insight, May 22, 2013 7:58 PM

This is a sign of a far greater problem.  It's one of those stories that just jolts you awake, and is even hard to believe at first.

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This is Islam>>Suicide bomber Blasts rock Libya's capital and eastern city;two arrested

This is Islam>>Suicide bomber Blasts rock Libya's capital and eastern city;two arrested | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

Libyan officials say explosions went off in the capital Tripoli and the restive eastern city of Benghazi, but no casualties were reported.

A security official says one bombing targeted an abandoned church in Benghazi that had been previously damaged by fire. The explosion damaged only a car parked outside.

The official says two other explosions targeted parked security vehicles elsewhere in the city. A soldier was lightly wounded from flying debris.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

littlebytesnews's insight:

A daily Boston bombing...coming to the US if Obama gets his way with amnest and  continues to appease Islamists.

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Sowell:Lies About Libya....Tell a lie often enough you start to believe them

Sowell:Lies About Libya....Tell a lie often enough you start to believe them | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
It's hard to stop at just one.

There can be honest differences of opinion on many subjects. But there can also be dishonest differences. Last week’s testimony under oath about events in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 makes painfully clear that what the Obama administration told the American people about those events were lies out of whole cloth.

What we were told repeatedly last year by the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the American ambassador to the U.N., was that there was a protest demonstration in Benghazi against an anti-Islamic video produced by an American, and that this protest demonstration simply escalated out of control.

This “spontaneous protest” story did not originate in Libya but in Washington. Neither the Americans on duty in Libya during the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, nor officials of the Libyan government, said anything about a protest demonstration.

The highest American diplomat on the scene in Libya spoke directly with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by phone, and told her that it was a terrorist attack. The president of Libya announced that it was a terrorist attack. The C.I.A. told the Obama administration that it was a terrorist attack.

With lies, as with potato chips, it is hard to stop with just one. After the “spontaneous protest” story was discredited, the next claim was that this was the best information available at the time from intelligence sources.

But that claim cannot survive scrutiny, now that the 12 drafts of the Obama administration’s talking points about Benghazi have belatedly come to light. As draft after draft of the talking points were made, e-mails from the State Department pressured the intelligence services to omit from these drafts their clear and unequivocal statement from the outset that this was a terrorist attack.

Attempts to make it seem that Ambassador Susan Rice’s false story about a “spontaneous protest” was the result of her not having accurate information from the intelligence services have now been exposed as a second lie to excuse the first lie.

Despite Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s loudly proclaimed question “What difference, at this point, does it make?” the difference is between an honest mistake and a calculated lie to deceive the American people, in order to win an election.

Barack Obama’s election campaign oratory had proclaimed the death of Osama bin Laden as an accomplishment of his administration, as part of a general defeat of Al-Qaeda and other terrorists. To admit that these terrorists were still in action, and strong enough to kill an American ambassador and three other Americans in a well-coordinated military style attack, would be a politically devastating admission during the election campaign.

Far better, politically, to come up with a story about a protest demonstration that just got out of hand. This could be presented as an isolated, one-time event, rather than part of a continuing pattern of terrorism by groups that were still active, despite President Obama’s spin suggesting that they were not.

The problem with telling a lie, or even a succession of lies, is that a very small dose of the truth can sometimes make the whole thing collapse like a house of cards. The State Department’s own foreign service officer Gregory Hicks was in Libya during the attack, so he knew the truth. When threats were not enough to silence him, it was then necessary to try to discredit him.

After years of getting glowing job evaluations, and awards of honors from the State Department for his work in various parts of the world, Mr. Hicks suddenly began to get bad job evaluations and was demoted to a desk job in Washington after he spoke with a Congressman about what he knew. The truth is dangerous to liars.

The Obama administration’s excuse for not trying to get help to the Americans in Benghazi while they were under attack — namely, that it would take too long — is as shaky as its other statements. A small fighting unit in Tripoli was ready to get on a plane to Benghazi when they were ordered to “stand down.” Other fighting units located outside of Libya are designed precisely for fast deployment — and nobody knew how many hours the attack would last.

But it will take more investigations to determine who gave the order to “stand down,” and why. How many new lies that will generate is another question.


littlebytesnews's insight:

It's hard for Obama to stop telling lies...he tells them so much he starts to believe them.


His entire past and history has been hidden in secrecy and lies. Nobody has seen his college records, birth certificate, other than an online version which many claim has been photocopied, and numerous other details about his past are hidden. Why he lost or gave up his law license is under question to whether he was ever a Professor at Harvard Law. It is said he was an adjunct professor, fill in, not an actual professor of law. 


He is no more qualified to be POTUS than the janitor at the White House. He's never worked a real job a day in his life in which he worked to get a paycheck. The only time he is said to have held a job outside of the public sector is a private sector job selling ice cream while in High School. How long he ever worked selling ice cream is not clear, but since his time at Columbia and Harvard he was known as a Community Organizer, before running for Senator in Illionis. 


There are questions and controversy surrounding how he was elected Senator. Many say his campaign dug dirt on his opponent and created controversy where there was none, but this is the Chicago way, play dirty and get elected. In some cases, pay to play, and you get elected. As in the case of Reggie Jackson, Jr, but he didn't qualify for the job and couldn't hang on to it. He 'developed' mental health issues and suffered from drug addiction problems and had to step down. 


Obama on the otherhand has no conscience and apparently believes the lies he has created so much that he stands by his past, even after spending 20 plus years in Reverend Wrights, racist black liberation theology church, Obama claims he knew nothing of his racist sermons. Yeah right....just like he knows nothing about what is going on in his administration from the IRS scandals to the DOJ scandals with Fast and Furious and now the AP wiretapping. He also claims he knows nothing about any coverup in Benghazi, in which his administration let four Americans die as they fought for their lives waiting for backup during a terror attack. Instead Obama and Hillary went around blaming the attack on an unknown video mocking Mohammed, while denying proper security prior to the attack and then telling help to stand down during the attack. Now they claim help couldn't have arrived on time, despite whistleblowers now saying this is untrue. 


In the meantime, they spent weeks blaming this unknown, obscure video created months if not years before the attack and arrested the filmmaker, who is still in jail over his right to free speech. Claiming he was banned from using the internet and creating such material for some other reasons and that he violated his parole. Yet the Boston bomber accomplice was let go recently on bail and is now free while wearing a GPS ankle braceletl. 


Hopefully as more whistleblowers come forward, the Obama administration will be forced to resign or find themselves facing impeachment. There have been far too many lies and a complete coverup surrounding the events of Sept 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. It's time for the families of the victims to receive justice and it's time for the American people to receive justice. We can not go on with such a corrupt, deceptive administration. We the people must demand better. We can't trust this administration from the POTUS to the DOJ. How can we continue to go on as a civilized country with this kind of dereliction of duty??

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Kenya Mall Terrorists Include American Muslims from Arizona, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri

Kenya Mall Terrorists Include American Muslims from Arizona, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
CAIR poster Here again reality smashes the leftist/Islamic dissemblers narrative that David Cameron foolishly repeated over the weekend that this has nothing to do with islam. It has everything do with Islam.


Here again reality smashes the leftist/Islamic dissemblers narrative that David Cameron foolishly repeated over the weekend that this has nothing to do with islam. It has everything do with Islam. Muslim and Muslim converts from the West to the East leave America, Europe etc to join the armies of "holy warriors" to wage jihad against non-Muslims and apostates.

How many millions of Muslims are  reading the quran and getting it wrong in the exact sane way from the exact same texts (Truth about Quran.org) They aren't but their spokesman, proxies and handlers in the media, government and culture (like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MSU etc)  provide the necessary cover and fiercely advance the obfuscation and "islamophobia" myth.

Muslim Brotherhood groups issue pro-forma, fill-in-the-blank condemnations but never address the Islamic texts that inspire jihad nor do they attempt to organize programs that intervene in the recruitment of young Muslims to jihad. What is CAIR doing to stop the mosques preaching and teaching jihad? And why does CAIR urge Muslims not to talk to law enforcement?

It is a stunning indictment of our intel and law enforcement policies that, if true, these American Muslims were recruited here and waged jihad in Kenya. Obama's policy of scrubbing jihad and Islam from counter terror training materials has indeed succeeded in the worst way possible.

"Illinois, Maine, Arizona Muslims among Kenyan Mall Massacre killers," from Creeping Sharia, via Jihadwatch September 23, 2013

According to a post by Jean-Patrick Grumberg at Dreuz.info, Muslims from Illinois, Maine, and Arizona were listed by al Shabaab along with the Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City as being among the Islamic killers that perpetraded the Kenyan Mall Massacre.

We re-arranged the Dreuze.info list putting the Muslims that were living in America at the top of the list.

Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22 ans, de Saint Paul, MinnesotaAbdifatah Osman Keenadiid. 24 ans de Minneapolis [Minnesota]
Gen Mustafe Noorudiin. 27 ans, de Kansas City. MOAbdelkarem Ali Mohamed, 21 ans, d’IllinoisAbdishakur Sheikh Hassan 22 ans, du MaineShafie Die 25 ans, de Tucson Arizona


Abdirizak Mouled, 24 ans, d’Ontario CanadaAhmed Nasir Shirdoon, 24 ans, de Londres GBSayid Nuh, 25 ans, de Kismayu, SomalieSa’d Daud 23 ans, Damas SyrieMohammed Bader 25 ans, d’Aleppo SyrieIsmael Guled, 23 ans, Helsinky FinlandeZaki Jama Caraale, 20 ans, d’Hargeisa, SomalieQasim Said Mussa, 22 ans, Garissa, KenyaEliko Mamedoff, 27 ans, DagestanMoulid Ahmed 24 ans, Gävleborgs Län, Sweden

He posted a screen shot from Twitter – the account now suspended – however the names of those living in the U.S. were not in the screen shot.

Please note that the source is al Shabaab and the Islamic principle of striking fear into the hearts of the unbelievers is in play. This has not been confirmed by U.S. authorities as of this posting.

Apparently not much has changed since this 2011 post, Somali-Americans from Minnesota Leave US to Wage Jihad, FBI Unaware. http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/somali-americans-from-minnesota-leave-us-to-wage-jihad-fbi-unaware/ ;


littlebytesnews's insight:

Yike and to think our borders are an open gateway allowing anyone and everyone to come into our country without punishment and then are rewarded with amnesty. It makes you wonder how many more of these jihadists are living in the US and how soon before an attack like this occurs in a US mall or public event like the Boston bombing. 

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Saudi Princess Accused of Slavery Misses Court Appearance

Saudi Princess Accused of Slavery Misses Court Appearance | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Saudi Royal Princess Meshael Alayban, 42, was absent on Monday when an Orange County court convened a hearing on human trafficking charges filed against her.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Obama probably helped her escape back to Saudi Arabia just like they released the other Boston Bomber suspect and removed his name from the terror watch list.

Tom Hauck's comment, August 1, 2013 3:15 AM
Yup...no worries... As soon as she was caught...her path to freedom was swept clean and she returned to her palace in Saudi oil country...
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Disgusting: 'Terror groupies' demand 'free Jahar' as Boston Marathon bombing suspect led into courthouse [photos]

Disgusting: 'Terror groupies' demand 'free Jahar' as Boston Marathon bombing suspect led into courthouse [photos] | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
"They almost murdered an unarmed kid in a boat"
littlebytesnews's insight:

How can anyone think Jahar is innocent?? It's disgusting to think these people would defend him it's like spitting on the graves of those killed and tormenting their families. Would they feel the same way if one of their loved ones was killed during the Boston Marathon Terror attack??



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Obama DOJ Offers Plea Deal To Boston Jihadi Bomber To Avoid Death Penalty

Obama DOJ Offers Plea Deal To Boston Jihadi Bomber To Avoid Death Penalty | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
In other words, the DOJ is trying to get everything it lost by ending the interrogation early...
littlebytesnews's insight:

Figures...no justice for the victims of Islamic terrorrism under Obama.

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Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach'

Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach' | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Al-Qaeda's military chief in Yemen warned Americans in an audio message posted online Sunday that the Boston bombings revealed a fragile security as he urged Muslims to defend their religion
littlebytesnews's insight:

Soon they won't need to defend their religion, as long as this administration continues to bow to Islam, as they consider making it a civil rights violation if we speak against Islam...we'll be the ones who need to defend our freedoms, rights and lives!



WTH?Obama Tells Senior UN Official "The US Will be a Muslim Country by 2016"  http://sco.lt/6YsZwv


Barack Obama’s Attorney for the Eastern district of Tennessee Bill Killian and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division, want Americans to know that if you say something negative towards Islam or Muslims, the Federal government may imprison you. They will be having an event called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” on June 4, the same day Obama is scheduled to sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

The Tullahoma Times reports,

Killian and Moore will provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.

“This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian told The News Monday. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”

Killian said the presentation will also focus on Muslim culture and how, that although terrorist acts have been committed by some in the faith, they are no different from those in other religions.

criminal Attorney General Eric Holder seems to be backing Killian and Moore. Judicial Watch reports,

In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

The move comes a few years after the administration became the first in history to dispatch a U.S. Attorney General to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them. In the unprecedented event, Attorney General Eric Holder assured a San Francisco-based organization (Muslim Advocates) that urges members not to cooperate in federal terrorism investigations that the “us versus them” environment created by the U.S. government, law enforcement agents and fellow citizens is unacceptable and inconsistent with what America is all about.

“Muslims and Arab Americans have helped build and strengthen our nation,” Holder said after expressing that he is “grateful” to have Muslims as a partner in promoting tolerance, ensuring public safety and protecting civil rights. He also vowed to strengthen “crucial dialogue” between Muslim and Arab-American communities and law enforcement.

Additionally the Tullahoma Times indicated that the goal is to increase awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles. While I grant that every person who calls themselves a Muslim is not engaged in terrorism, the reality is that because of the teachings of the Qur’an, you cannot trust what they say, but respond to what they do. Virtually all Muslim mosques in America are funded by Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries. Virtually all of them also, in turn, fund the Islamic Society of North America, which aligns itself with the Brady campaign to attack the Second Amendment. Additionally these Muslim groups are doing just as the Obama DOJ is doing and that is to go after the First Amendment.
“Congress shall make no law” regarding not only the establishment of a religion, but also “impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press” among other things.

in August 2012 that Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez refused to affirm the First Amendment rights of Americans to speak out against other religions. He was questioned four times and all he did was beat around the bush. This is the creeping Sharia that we and many others are warning about.

One wonders just how long it will be until we will be forced to defend our freedom of speech with our freedom to keep and bear arms from Islam and its co-conspirators in government.

Finally, I often hear the famous quotation from Voltaire, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Well, for those posting this claiming that this should be applied to Christians or Jews, I suggest you take a second look and see who is bringing the hammer down now.

Other links that might be helpful alongside this article:







UPDATE: WND reports,

The Obama administration, which is launching a series of Muslim Outreach Summits so that Islamists can tell federal officials how they better can serve that community, says it also is holding educational outreaches to let people know that Internet postings that violate civil rights are subject to federal prosecution.

Are they doing this for Christians? I think not. This leads to the question of why the Obama administration thinks it needs to hear from the Muslim community on how it can better serve them, rather than simply follow the law. But the law, at least Constitutional law, is not in this administration’s vocabulary as evidenced by the numerous violations of the Constitution and the various scandals it is embroiled in.

UPDATE: Want to give Mr. Killian an earful? Here’s the contact information for him.

Eastern District of Tennessee
800 Market Street, Suite 211
Knoxville, TN 37902
Knoxville Headquarters Phone: (865)545-4167 or toll free at 1-800-296-3078
Knoxville Headquarters Fax: (865)545-4176
WebPage: http://www.justice.gov/usao/tne/meetattorney.html

FBI agent Kenneth L. Moore’s contact information:

1501 Dowell Springs Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37909
Phone: (865) 544-0751
Fax: (865) 602-7212
E-mail: knoxville@ic.fbi.gov

Read more: 







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Is Grover Norquist A Secret Jihadi Muslim?The Evidence is Compelling....

Is Grover Norquist A Secret Jihadi Muslim?The Evidence is Compelling.... | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist is a secret Muslim, at least according to former Texas GOP chairwoman Cathie Adams.


Accompanied by a slideshow, Adams present evidence that Norquist’s secret faith makes him part of a “stealth jihad” movement in the United States. Her main points: “He has a beard,” he’s married to a Muslim woman, and because “he’s showing signs of converting to Islam himself.”


“He’s married a Muslim woman. But he denies that he has converted himself. He denies that,” Adams said before taking on his “Islamic Free Market Insitute’s original title of “Islamic Institute” by suggesting the change was made to “mainstream” (i.e., to better hide) his true jihadi intentions.

“He and Karl Rove are very good friends,” she added. “I don’t like Karl Rove, and I certainly don’t like Grover Norquist.”

littlebytesnews's insight:

I've heard this about Grover Norquist before, and I don't doubt it as factual. Anything is possible these days, however I don't have confirmation that he has converted to Islam, but it's possible considering he is married to a Muslim. Just like Obama's CIA Director John Brennen is an alleged convert to Islam. I wouldn't doubt it because of his sympathy for Islam and his willingness to appease Islamic terrorists rather than put the safety of our country first. 

This site Truth or Fiction claims they have found no confirmation John Brennen has converted to Islam, but it doesn't mean it isn't true:



According to Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine:

In 1853, the British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton visited Mecca. Since Mecca was and is off limits to non-Muslims on pain of death, Burton passed himself off as a Muslim by undergoing circumcision and disguising himself as a Pashtun. “Nothing could save a European detected by the populace, or one who after pilgrimage declared himself an unbeliever,” Burton wrote.


Three hundred and fifty years earlier, the Italian adventurer Ludovico di Varthema became the first non-Muslim to enter Mecca since the Muslim conquest. Ludovico had enlisted as a mercenary and succeeded in passing as a Mamluk, one of the white slave soldiers of the Sultanate, who had been converted to Islam. 

During his time as the CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, John Brennan spoke of marveling “at the majesty of the Hajj and the devotion of those who fulfilled their duty as Muslims by making that pilgrimage.”  If Brennan did indeed visit Mecca during the Hajj, then he could have only done it by converting to Islam, like John Pitts, or pretending to have done so, like the GIGN commandos.

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent and Islam expert, has alleged that the conversion took place during Brennan’s time in Saudi Arabia. And he also alleges that this conversion has been confirmed by other American officials who were in Saudi Arabia at the time. These allegations are especially explosive as Brennan has moved up through the ranks to become Obama’s nominee to head the CIA.




Norquist’s convicted terrorist pal and former funder,Abdurahman Alamoudi, was the first president of the radical mosque attended by the Boston bomber brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Alamoudi, as I’ve documented repeatedly here, provided seed money to Norquist’s Muslim outreach effort during the Bush years.

Norquist was Alamoudi’s most influential Washington facilitator, authorities believe, noting that Norquist reminds friend and foe alike that he is close to the president’s powerful political strategist, Karl Rove.

Norquist, who previously has denied any suggestion that his work facilitated any wrongdoing, not only introduced Alamoudi to Washington GOP power circles but also Sammy Al Arian, whom prosecutors arrested earlier this year for alleged terrorist activities. Federal law-enforcement sources say they are focusing on some of Norquist’s associates and financial ties to terrorist groups.



Imad Ramadan is just the latest of a series of Muslim protégés discovered and promoted by Republican activist Grover Norquist,  the man whose vicious personal attacks on conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma over ethanol subsidies.

Norquist favored the corporate hand-outs; Coburn opposed them) prompted Coburn’s chief of staff to respond that Norquist has become the “chief cleric of sharia tax law.”

 he signed an online petition in 2008 demanding the right to vote as a Lebanese citizen in Lebanon’s elections, despite having become a naturalized American.

AT CPAC this year [2011], Grover Norquist told a George Soros publication that Islam “is completely consistent with the U.S. Constitution and a free and open society,” a statement that reveals either a profound lack of understanding of Islamic law, or a conscious effort at deception.

Like the Soros-funded study, “Fear, Inc.,” from the Center for America Progress, Grover labels anyone who disagrees with his views as “Islamophobic.”

 listen to see if he denounces Islamic dictatorship – the rule of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the rule of the Shiite clerics in Iran, the rule of Hamas in Gaza or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or the rule of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

Imad Ramadan has tried to deny was his early marriage as a 24-year-old immigrant in the United States to the daughter of a Shiite general in the Lebanese intelligence service, Ghanda Abdul Rahman Zoghbi.


How do you get to marry the daughter of a Shiite general in the Lebanese intelligence service, which has long been dominated by Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah? Certainly not by being a secular Muslim – also known as an “apostate” by Muslim believers – who embraces the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution over Sharia law.

Kent Clizbe, a former CIA operations officer who has converted to Islam to marry a Muslim woman (as Norquist has done), came away troubled from his own encounter with Imad Ramadan in August.

“Mr. Ramadan is hiding something. I don’t know what it is. But he is unwilling to share very important details of his life. In my experience, those who practice [obfuscation] include: PC-Progressives, criminals, intelligence agents, little children who’ve done something wrong, or others who have something to hide,”Clizbe wrote.

Cuccinelli, a darling of conservatives, has taken close to $20,000 from businesses run by prominent Muslim activists tied to the SAFA Group and other alleged Muslim Brotherhood affiliates targeted by the FBI’s Greenquest investigation after the 9/11 attacks. A few examples are here, here, here, andhere.




November 28, 2012

MIM: Information on Grover Norquist's Islamist Activities from Discover the Networks.

As noted below Norquist is married to a "Palestinian" Muslim which has lead to speculation that he is a convert to Islam. According to Islamic law Muslim woman can not marry a non Muslim man. It is also possible that Norquist was a Muslim before he married.

See: "Grover Must Go" by Robert Spencer


Also see: "Is Grover Norquist an Islamist?" By Dr. Daniel Pipes


Grover Norquist


Longtime conservative activistFounder of Americans for Tax ReformFounder of the Islamic Free Market InstituteBeginning in 1998, he established affiliations with radical Islamists and helped them gain access to President George W. Bush.

See also: Suhail Khan Khaled Saffuri, Sami Al-Arian

Abdurahman Alamoudi

 Another Muslim donor to Ramadan's 2011 campaign for state legislature was Norquist protege Ali Tulbah, who had replaced Suhail Khan at the White House when Khan landed a high-level spot at the Transportation Department. Tulbah's fatherhelped run a Brotherhood mosque in Houston.http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/5573The anti-jihad movement has been raising the alarm about him for years, but they have been either dismissed, ignored, or demonized for doing so. However, members of Congress can no longer pretend that they don't know. Zilla of the Resistance: Grover Norquist's Islamic Supremacist Chickens Come Home to Roosthttp://zillablog.marezilla.com/2011/10/grover-norquists-islamic-supremacist.html Grover Norquist's ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes -- who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005 -- are very active in "Muslim outreach." Just six weeks after 9/11, The New Republicran an exposé explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 -- to show how Muslims rejected terrorism. Wrote TNR author Franklin Foer:
On the afternoon of September 26, George W. Bush gathered 15 prominent Muslim- and Arab-Americans at the White House. With cameras rolling, the president proclaimed that "the teachings of Islam are teachings of peace and good." It was a critically important moment, a statement to the world that America's Muslim leaders unambiguously reject the terror committed in Islam's name.

Unfortunately, many of the leaders present hadn't unambiguously rejected it. To the president's left sat Dr. Yahya Basha, president of the American Muslim Council, an organization whose leaders have repeatedly called Hamas "freedom fighters." Also in attendance was Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who on the afternoon of September 11 told a Los Angeles public radio audience that "we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list." And sitting right next to President Bush was Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Society of North America, who last fall told a Washington crowd chanting pro-Hezbollah slogans that "America has to learn if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come."
It was Norquist who ushered these silver-tongued jihadists into the Oval Office of an incurious president after the worst attack ever on American soil. Instead of Hamas, Hezb'allah, and the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye'or, and Wafa Sultan should have been advising the president. Instead, at that September 26 meeting, Bush declared that "the teachings of Islam are teachings of peace and good." It was a critically important, historic incident. What should have been the most important teaching moment of the long war became a propaganda tool for Islam. A singular opportunity was squandered, and the resulting harm is incalculable. 
Bush did this because he trusted Norquist, who vouched for these Muslim leaders. Yet "the record suggests," wrote Foer, "that [Norquist] has spent quite a lot of time promoting people openly sympathetic to Islamist terrorists." And this continued for years. In December 2003, David Horowitz wrote that Norquist,
... has formed alliances with prominent Islamic radicals who have ties to the Saudis and to Libya and to Palestine Islamic Jihad, and who are now under indictment by U.S. authorities. Equally troubling is that the arrests of these individuals and their exposure as agents of terrorism have not resulted in noticeable second thoughts on Grover's part or any meaningful effort to dissociate himself from his unsavory friends.
Grover Norquist was on the Islamic payroll before and after the carnage of September 11. Gaffney revealed Norquist's close ties to Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is now serving twenty-three years in prison for financing jihad activity. In 2000, Alamoudi said at a rally, "I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody support Hamas here? ... Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are all supporters of Hamas. I wished they added that I am also a supporter of Hezb'allah." Alamoudi was at that time head of the now-defunct "moderate" group known as American Muslim Council (AMC), and he was active in other Muslim groups in the U.S. that showed sympathy to or support for jihadists. And Alamoudi, according to Gaffney, gave $50,000 to the lobbying group Janus-Merritt Strategies, which Norquist co-founded.
Alamoudi's money bought influence. Gaffney wrote in 2003: "It seems unlikely that even in Alamoudi's wildest dreams he could have imagined the extent of the access, influence and legitimacy the American Muslim Council and allied Islamist organizations would be able to secure in Republican circles, thanks to the investment they began in 1998 in a relationship with Norquist."
Alamoudi also helped found Norquist's Islamic Institute with a $10,000 loan and a gift of another $10,000.
Norquist also introduced Nihad Awad, co-founder and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, to President Bush. CAIR is one of the foremost Islamic supremacist hate sponsors in the U.S. Terror expert Steve Emerson wrote that "CAIR, which touts itself as America's premier Muslim civil rights organization, was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Terror trial." He noted that CAIR co-founders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad attended "a 1993 Philadelphia meeting where the HAMAS members and supporters discussed a strategy to kill the Oslo Peace Accords, which threatened to marginalize HAMAS. The group also discussed ways to improve HAMAS fundraising in America."
Emerson also reveals that according to the testimony of an FBI agent, "CAIR was listed as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine Committee." The Palestine Committee is dedicated to jihad for the destruction of Israel.
Robert Spencer added this about CAIR:
CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR's cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Honest Ibe Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. CAIR has warred against free speech in the past.



Learn more:

National Review/American Spectator Cruise Guest of Honor, Anti-Israel, Pan-Muslim Grover Norquist



Anyone who Supports Jew-haters & Racists Like Al Sharpton and Muhajideen Like Grover Norquist Doesn't Deserve the GOP Nomination, Let Alone the White House . . . Beware of Newt on Top: Sharpton, Open Borders, Disturbing Islamic Ties, Ethanol BS, Etc.








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Obama admin revises Authorization to Use Military Force:military can be used against YOU!

Obama admin revises Authorization to Use Military Force:military can be used against YOU! | War Against Islam | Scoop.it

...last week we learned that, as President Obama came under fire for the many scandals rocking his administration, the government was quietly moving to give the Department of Defense unprecedented authority on U.S. soil, effectively nullifying Posse Comitatus.

Eric Blair of Activist Post writes:

First, the senate is debating an expansion of the already broad powers of the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) so the U.S. can essentially engage any area in the world in the war on terror, including America. Which brings us to the second development: the Pentagon has recently granted itself police powers on American soil.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Sheehan told Congress yesterday that the AUMF authorized the US military to operate on a worldwide battlefield from Boston to Pakistan.  Sheehan emphasized that the Administration is authorized to put boots on the ground wherever the enemy chooses to base themselves, essentially ignoring the declaration of war clause in the US Constitution.

While Americans were distracted with three developing scandals pushed by both wings of the mainstream media, sinister developments were taking place behind closed doors. In essence, the US military has granted itself the power to deploy troops on the streets of America without approval from the President or Congress, and the AUMF, which was originally designed to target the terrorists responsible for 9/11, has been expanded to give the government authority to use military assets on the domestic front without a declaration from Congress.

In fact, Senator Angus King went so far as to say that the hearing he was involved in was the most astonishing and disturbing hearing he has ever seen.

Even John McCain, war hawk John McCain, came out and said the government has gone way beyond its authority.

What are they talking about? The AUMF – Authorization to Use Military Force.

This piece of legislation that was put into place way back when we started the war on terror that is now turning from foreign enemies to YOU. Don’t be shocked by that, because you are on the list if you are a freedom minded, free thinker that believes in a Constitutional Republic.

They are changing the wording of this thing so that the military can be used on the streets of this country.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s not some kind of a fancy fantasy that may come true down the road.

It is happening right now, in the guise of other news events that are not news events.

Even more terrifying is the fact that West Point has come out recently and said that you – if you have a theory that the federal government is trying to take over and implement a national police force – you could fall into the category of a domestic terrorist.

A domestic terrorist that can be dealt with by military force…

The only conspiracy here is what the government is telling us.

This legislation is real. The militarization of America is in full force. We are the targets.

littlebytesnews's insight:

But I thought Obama said there isn't a global war on terror and these terrorist acts around the world are isolated, acts of 'senseless violence' not related to any religion???  Which is it?? 

Tom Hauck's comment, May 25, 2013 11:37 PM
This action is not about terrorists...except for those he and Napolitano put on the NEW watch-list in 09....US....
littlebytesnews's comment, May 28, 2013 2:48 AM
Yep, preparing to go after the radical right wing Christians and patriots...we are the terrorists in Obama's world
Kaytline Schroder's curator insight, October 2, 2013 11:59 AM

I don't think this is right at all. As Americans we have freedom. None of this crap of having to be watched 24/7. There is no reason what so ever to bring military force into our lives unless it's absolutely needed. Nothing horrible enough to have the military involved, in America, has happened so there's no reason to have military force against us citizens. If we were in war on our home land (America) then I could understand why we would have to deal with military force. 

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GOP Sen: Obama's Counterterrorism Speech A Victory For Terrorists

GOP Sen: Obama's Counterterrorism Speech A Victory For Terrorists | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) strongly criticized President Barack Obama's speech on counterterrorism Thursday, in which he announced he will again seek to close down the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by requesting the Department of...


“The President’s speech today will be viewed by terrorists as a victory," said Chambliss, who recently golfed with the president, in a statement. "Rather than continuing successful counterterrorism activities, we are changing course with no clear operational benefit. We knew five years ago that closing Guantanamo was a bad idea and would not work.

"Yet, today’s speech sends the message to Guantanamo detainees that if they harass the dedicated military personnel there enough, we will give in and send them home, even to Yemen," he added. "With the recidivism rate now at 28% and the increased threat from al Qaeda and its affiliates, including in Yemen, GITMO must stay open for business."

In a historic speech at National Defense University in Washington, Obama said he would seek to bring the era of global war on terror to an end by calling on limited drone warfare and the lifting of restrictions on detainee transfers from Guantanamo Bay.

"I am lifting the moratorium on detainee transfers to Yemen, so we can review them on a case by case basis," Obama said.

littlebytesnews's insight:

We are doomed and will likely see a rise in terror in the US as long as this administration continues to pander to Islamists. 

Funny how Obama speaks about bringing an the 'era of global war on terror to an end', yet it's the jihadists who brought the war here! They attacked us on 9/11. They attacked us in numerous incidents and attempts since then, including the Boston bombing and Ft. Hood. We did not go to war with them  until they brought the war to our land!

On the otherhand, the Obama admin has recently used the war on terror as an excuse to continue sending our military into countries like Africa and other parts of the middle east, while today he's saying he will put an end to the global war on terror and the DOJ and DHS are using the global war on terror to restrict and deny our individual rights and freedoms!



what a fool,the justification is to prevent them from returning to terrorism&natl security>RT:Obama on Gitmo: 'There is no justification beyond politics for Congress to prevent us fro... http://t.co/HwcsqDGEeL ;



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Chechen shot to death while questioned in Boston probe may not have had knife?

Chechen shot to death while questioned in Boston probe may not have had knife? | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Chechen immigrant was shot to death by authorities early Wednesday after he turned violent while being questioned about his ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, officials said.Ibragim Todashev, a 27-year-old...
littlebytesnews's insight:

Whether he had a knife of not isn't the question...did he lunge at police/FBI or not?? If he did then they had no choice but to shoot him. 

Tom Hauck's comment, May 24, 2013 1:23 AM
Or...did they find out upon questioning...that he was privy to information that they couldn't allow become public....This whole story has an air of amateurish investigative policies that you would not normally see in a true FBI interrogation...and one big flaw is...why would he be allowed to be armed during questioning...you never do that...basic policy....Also...in a high risk high profile case like this...why wasn't the suspect restrained...and the interrogators not have access to non-lethal weapons...at least optional...Sorry...when I brought a suspect in...they were cuffed to a solid object mounted in a solid wall...a bar or a bench...attached and immovable...just one hand cuffed still offers protection from attacks or attempts to disarm officers. Suspects of that magnitude and mind-set seems like an obvious precaution....
littlebytesnews's comment, May 25, 2013 4:00 AM
Yes, it is a strange story....especially if he was getting ready to sign a written confession... per the article: two officials briefed on the investigation said he had implicated himself as having been involved in a 2011 triple-slaying in the Boston suburb of Waltham that authorities believe may have been connected to one of the men behind the bombings.
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Holder reveals: U.S. has killed four American citizens in drone strikes

Holder reveals: U.S. has killed four American citizens in drone strikes | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Collateral damage.
littlebytesnews's insight:

Paving the way for more terrorists...perhaps like what happened in the UK today and more successful Boston bombers.

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Prison Ordered to Give Files to Tsarnaev Lawyers

Prison Ordered to Give Files to Tsarnaev Lawyers | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
Prison files on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—including suicide watch logs—are to be turned over to the Boston bombing suspect's lawyers by order of a federal judge, Reuters reports. His defense... Crime & Courts News Summaries.
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Obama Invites 80,000 Muslim Immigrants Into the United States - Promises 100,000/Per Year for Next 5 Years

Obama Invites 80,000 Muslim Immigrants Into the United States - Promises 100,000/Per Year for Next 5 Years | War Against Islam | Scoop.it
* This video illustrates the most illusive and dangerous method of Islamic Infiltration into the United States Today. “Obama authorizes an additional 80,000 Muslims to enter the country." By Dr. Pa...
littlebytesnews's insight:

These treasonous acts must end!! He's violating our sovereignty and disregarding our national security! How many more Boston bombers will it take before the people wake up and put a stop to this careless, political correctness! This is national suicide!!

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