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Being the month when we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day (WIPO), it’s the perfect time to dedicate some thought to intellectual property online and intellectual property rights. The fluidity of contents on the internet, and the sophistication of information and communication technologies, allow access opportunities never seen before, but alongside this is often a disregard for the rights of those who created the content.


This sometimes happens deliberately, but most of the time it is simply because the user doesn’t think about it!


In Portugal, in order to raise awareness on this theme, Microsoft, in a partnership with the Ministry of Education (both partners in the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre), created the Cidadania Digital website.


This resource offers a curriculum tool to be used by teachers with students in 8th and 10th grade on how to be a good digital citizen.


===> This includes using/sharing creative content, while respecting intellectual property. <===


Via Gust MEES