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In 21st Century we need not ONLY talking about Internet-Safety, Online-Safety and IT-Security, but we need to secure our computers and ANY other related device connecting to Internet, such as also our smartphones! I will present you now a tutorial on How-To create best protection (as on March 2012) for your computer and this with mostly FREE tools and FREE Online Services…


Also will I provide you a worksheet which helps you planning your weekly tasks!


In 21st Century while using "Bring Your Own Device" (Hashtag for Twitter = #BYOD) there is a MUST to know about basic IT-Security knowledge! The teachers role is NOT anymore to be the MOST important person, but the LEARNER! So the teacher needs to have that basic knowledge to share it with its learners and to try to keep a safe Learning Workspace... Online and Offline, in the "internal learning network" and also in the "external learning network"!


As Teachers, Educators and Instructors we have to deal with Apps, OpenSource software, Freeware, different OS devices, so we need to know about the risks and dangers! We need to know how to get protected these devices also!


It's not ONLY the IT-Admin's responsibility, IT-Security is the responsibility of ALL of us!!!


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                       ===> Be aware of the malware! <=== 



Via Gust MEES, Kalani Kirk Hausman