SF Cult Film "Nanoman Invades Slot 9" to be digitally restored | Vloasis humor | Scoop.it

Though you may not remember Marcus Jaworski, his role as Nanoman in the 1979 science fiction thriller "Nanoman Invades Slot 9" is set to be digitally remastered by Perdue University, Jaworski's alma mater. 


"It was our intention to select a project that would be a good candidate for our digital effects lab," explained Alvin Humly, director of special projects. "Mister Jaworski's contributions to the university naturally made us look to this project as practical venture."


Jaworski and his wife Shonda in 2011 hit on a state lottery ticket and they donated a generous amount to the university. His Nanoman film cost three thousand dollars to make and generated over 100k in revenue. It's about Derek Jamal, a computer nerd who falls alseep atop an open computer case during an electrical storm. A surge goes through the motherboard and shrinks him down to nano size, transporting him into the world of then state-of-the art electronics. "Nanoman Invades Slot 9" was often hailed as the precursor to Disney's "Tron".

Via Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist