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Visualization Techniques and Practice
How to use visualization techniques for nonprofits in areas like data analysis, learning, facilitation, and innovation
Curated by Beth Kanter
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INFOGRAPHICS: 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW | | Visualization Techniques and Practice |

Kevin Akers design + imagery has just designed an infographic about infographics.
The list of top ten things everyone should know about the new marketing phenomenon clarifies how to create interesting,noteworthy infographics...

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Open Data Emerges as a Global Movement

Open Data Emerges as a Global Movement | Visualization Techniques and Practice |

“Open data” — the philosophy and practice of making the data collected by government agencies freely available to the public — is critical to increasing citizens’ engagement with their governments. Since 2010, hundreds of nations, regions, and cities across the world have launched their own open data initiatives.

For example, maintains centralized lists of local, regional, and national data catalogs. Europe is heavily represented: nearly every country publishes open data, geospatial files and maps and statistics. Within each nation, local councils, regional governments, and autonomous regions are publishing their own locally-relevant open data. Spain, Italy, and France each boast over a dozen internal data catalogs created by local agencies...

Whether or not open data portals eventually lead to open, transparent, and accountable democratic governments is still up for debate, but they remain indispensable to the citizens, researchers, and journalists using data from these sites.

Read the complete post for a better understanding of open data in a concise, yet informative article with numerous links and specific initiatives referenced for further research...

Via Lauren Moss
Johnson Watts's comment, October 2, 2012 1:35 PM
It's not the size of government that counts. It's the transparency, agility, and democracy of goverment that matters.