Salvinal, a Novel Microtubule Inhibitor Isolated from Salvia miltiorrhizae Bunge (Danshen), with Antimitotic Activity in Multidrug-Sensitive and -Resistant Human Tumor Cells | Vitae Herbae (herbal, natural, integrative medicine  & health) |

In vitro and in vivo examinations showed that salvinal inhibited tubulin polymerization in a concentration-dependent manner. Immunocytochemical studies demonstrated that salvinal treatment caused the changes of cellular microtubule network, similar to the effect of colchicine. In addition, salvinal treatment resulted in upregulation of cyclin B1 levels, activation of Cdc2 kinase, and Cdc25c phosphorylation. Furthermore, elevation of levels of MPM-2 phosphoepitopes in salvinal-treated cells in a concentration-dependent manner was also observed