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How much is twitter worth (to small businesses)?

How much is twitter worth (to small businesses)? | visualizing social media |

Today the third major social network is becoming a public company. As with all major IPO’s, we will read a lot of diverse and conflicting opinions on its valuation: to some Twitter will be an overpriced money-losing startup, to others it will be the next major player of the Web and undervalued. To add a data point to the debate, the team decided to study the value of social networks to small and mid-size businesses.

Alonzo Wellkid's curator insight, November 10, 2013 1:25 AM
How much is twitter worth (to small businesses)? Zorrolist Marketplace
Graham Couling's curator insight, November 10, 2013 9:20 AM

Our company has been focusing on Facebook for approximatley a year. In our experience thus far, Facebook has been a more effective social B to C platform than Twitter. That said, as we learn and progress with Twitter, we are confident that Twitter will compliment our Facebook and other social platform efforts.

Stéphane Hardel's curator insight, December 15, 2013 6:11 AM

Encore une petite couche de gazouillis

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Sobering Stats: Brands Struggle For Engagement In Social Media

Sobering Stats: Brands Struggle For Engagement In Social Media | visualizing social media |
Take a quick tour around the web and you’ll find no shortage of social media junkies and innovation addicts listing the myriad of things financial institutions could do in social channels. While they pound the drum of “potential and possibilities,” financial marketers are seldom (if ever) offered any hardcore stats on actual rates of engagement.

We are constantly reminded that there are 850 million users on Facebook, and many believe that fact alone should persuade marketing managers of social media’s power. But that number only represents 12.4% of the world’s population, and (of course) you probably aren’t targeting the entire world...

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Why Sales on Social Media Will Be Huge By 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Sales on Social Media Will Be Huge By 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] | visualizing social media |

Shopping on social media may not be big right now, but by 2015, it's expected to explode...

A new infographic by has found that “social commerce sales are expected to bring in $30 billion each year by 2015, with half of web sales to occur through social media,” writes Samantha Murphy of Mashable. Currently, one in three small businesses use Facebook, while there are over 42 million fan pages on Facebook. Seventeen percent of those sell products on the pages.

Facebook fans are 79 percent more likely than a non-fan to purchase a product, and 74 percent of fans are more likely to recommend a company or product. The social media site also drives 26 percent of referral traffic to company websites. Right now ”20 percent of shoppers prefer to purchase products via Facebook than the brand’s website”— and that number is expected to climb.

Sandra V. Barbosa's comment, November 21, 2012 6:56 PM