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Curated by Jed Fisher
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Esri CityEngine Highlights

CityEngine transforms 2D GIS data into Smart 3D City Models.youtube.com

Via João Greno Brogueira
Jed Fisher's insight:

Nice job Dominik, Pascal, and Jack. Great to see how Proceedural has evolved with the acquistiion by ESRI (now 2-3 years ago). I'm glad ESRI has continued to take City Engine further. 

Love the swipe tool. Great urban planning tool.

ComplexInsight's curator insight, July 20, 2013 2:01 AM

ESRI's acquisition of CityEngine is probably one of the smartest tech acquisitions in the geospatial market in a long time. As the product and technology integration  rolls forward we get to see how very smart  the acquisition was.The WebGL publishing capabilities are very exciting for city planners.  Great video of highlights from the recent ESRI user group conference its great seeing how the products are evolving.  


Transforming ArcGIS into a Platform | Esri Insider

Transforming ArcGIS into a Platform | Esri Insider | 4D Pipeline - trends & breaking news in Visualization, Mobile, 3D, AR, VR, and CAD. | Scoop.it

Transforming ArcGIS into a Platform, One of the primary drivers of the ArcGIS as a platform initiative has been making GIS easier not only for new users but for advanced users, as well. In addition, the platform is open, extendable, and can be leveraged by others, facilitating both the integration of other geospatial technologies, as well as other enterprise IT and web services of many origins. Looking to the future, we see our platform strategy as being of great benefit and value to our users, partners, developers, and ultimately the world itself. It is already creating an ecosystem and community of GIS users who are leveraging each other’s resources and knowledge.

Jed Fisher's insight:

Interesting thoughts from ESRI founder Jack Dangermond.

Firstly this article gives an insight into the process of evolving a "Tool" to a cloud based "Platform" (a difficult feat in itself and something that many are pursuing in their own disciplines and fields).

Secondly, because again we are seeing the (potential) power of opening up a platform to "the masses" (aka downstream). That is, creating an open ecosystem and making complex useful data available in simpler forms for downstream users. In turn, some would argue that if you can get people hooked on your data then it will increase the need for more contact (demand and supply equation).

People talk about "Big Data" all the time however it's often overlooked that the data must come from somewhere. I love that we are seeing more and more disciplines open up. CAD, AEC, GIS, and Manufacturing all seem to be trending towards opening up their platforms and their resulting data which in turn allows us to (potentially) have an incredible, powerful and connected experience.

ComplexInsight's curator insight, February 12, 2013 12:38 PM

Great catch from Jed Fisher at 4D pipeline on how ESRI are evolving from a tools company to a platform company.