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CL3VER: Cloud based editor to create 3D presentations for Architects

To sell projects effectively, it is key for architects to communicate and adapt concepts and designs efficiently. 2D plans, images and videos leave space for misunderstandings which delays the decision process, This is frustrating for both you and your client since both of you want to start building as soon as possible!

At CL3VER we have developed the first professional cloud based platform to enable clients to see their building from different angles, inside or outside, see and compare alternative designs and get your project approved in a shorter time.
With CL3VER you can create interactive 3D presentations of your buildings without install anything in your computer, because you already have what you need: an internet browser.

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Jed Fisher's insight:

Impressed with CL3VER's evolution, at one point they had were "just another webgl viewer" but they have refined their feature set and functionality and targeted primarily Architects for effective communications. They've also streamlined their product. And have teamed up with companies such as bim+



bim+ a revolution in the building industry

bim+ a revolution in the building industry | 4D Pipeline - trends & breaking news in Visualization, Mobile, 3D, AR, VR, and CAD. | Scoop.it

Build buildings faster with bim+ 

Open, Visual, Connected.

A new platform and new initiative for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies (plus building consumers).

Jed Fisher's insight:

Also see: 


To me, bim+ is a welcome change for the AEC industry. Their approach is connect people, connect tools, and connect providers and suppliers, in an open ecosystem and marketplace. This is great for the AEC industry which has seen many CAD/ISV companies claiming BIM as their own and creating closed locked-in platforms.

What I also like about bim+ is it seems to be a little bit less on the technology and more about the outcome, ultimately helping AEC companies build buildings faster. 

Although bim+ is a spinoff from AEC giant Nemetschek it seems to be run as an an independent group. 

I've signed 4D Pipeline to be a service provider, so if you'd like to connect to this ecosystem shoot me an email and help build buildings faster, today.

Full disclosure: 4D Pipeline has been involved with the bim+ team in helping them form the base foundation for their platform.

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3D BIM for downstream users in field and facility management

3D BIM for downstream users in field and facility management | 4D Pipeline - trends & breaking news in Visualization, Mobile, 3D, AR, VR, and CAD. | Scoop.it

There are now increasing initiatives in the construction industry to ‘virtualise’ the access to BIM data, to move it away from a static office environment and to enable it to become relevant on-site. GPS and Wi-Fi enabled handheld Toughbooks and iPads are seen by some as the ideal interface to facilitate ‘field BIM’ and communicate building information bi-directionally between individual operators in the field and a central server. They allow crews on site (both during and after construction) to interrogate the physical building, referencing it to a virtual information model (or vice versa) that contains information about construction or O&M aspects.

Jed Fisher's insight:

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will see that one of the things I'm very excited about are the changes and opportunities in the BIM and AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners) space.


With similarities to the manufacturing PLM space, the AEC BIM space is finally modernizing itself and starting to take advantage of all the tremendous advances in mobile, collaboration, cloud, access anywhere, etc.


It's awesome to see 3D Visual BIM data becoming more and more accessible to downstream people, i.e. not just Architect and Engineers but owners, facility managers, and building occupants.


This is a great article as it reminds us that there are still truckloads (pun) of opportunities in the construction and field BIM space. We've seen a few AEC ISV companies operating in this space namely Vela (bought up by Autodesk) and also Latista. However I am sure that in the coming months we'll see more. In particular, we'll see more easy to install Apps for the field (and FM) that work with existing BIM data (if you haven't already, take a look at the bim+ approach www.bimplus.net ).


Exciting times ahead in the for Owners and Consumers of BIM data and all those wanting to interact and access information from buildings and from the process of building buildings.

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