Open Source Intelligence Meets Real-Time News and Data Curation: SwiftRiver | visual data |

SwiftRiver is a free and open-source intelligence platform that helps people curate and make sense of large amounts of information in a short amount of time.

In practice, SwiftRiver enables the filtering and verification of real-time data from channels such as SMS, email, Twitter and RSS feeds. It's especially useful for organizations that need to sort their data by their unique expectations of authority and accuracy, as opposed to popularity.


SwiftRiver allows you to discover, filter and present the information you want.

In SwiftRiver, these are "droplets." For example, common droplets in the river are tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts. SwiftRiver determines all its attributes- for example, it can determine location, time, author and meaning (in the form of keywords) from a tweet. Once all the droplets are analyzed, you have the ability to filter them from a torrential river to a manageable stream.


Types of stories / output formats:

Graphs, Charts, Heatmaps
Gallery: Photos, Video, Audio

Via Robin Good, Howard Rheingold