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learning, conceptualizing + communicating data with infographics, visualizations, etc...
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21 Examples of 'Real Life' Physical Infographics

21 Examples of 'Real Life' Physical Infographics | visual data |

Real life data visualization is to be an upcoming trend, called physical infographics or real world visualization. They visualize data with real objects, often combined with typography.

Real Life Infographics are different than other inforgraphics in that they rely much more on photographs instead of a purely digital medium. Moving away from the Everthing-Is-Possible-Unicorn-Utopia of Illustrator is an interesting limitation, as well as a simplifying one. As designers we like to come up with creative ways to display information that will still blow your mind, despite any technical limitations. The real world isn't perfect, and therefore it may not be as accurate as abstract shapes like graph bars. Even though these visualizations still strive for accuracy, you will notice that the context of these graphics will become much more important than precision.

Vivalist's curator insight, January 31, 4:39 AM

I have a thing for "real life" data viz.

nydia teter's curator insight, February 8, 7:47 PM

Brilliant use of data and materials to create a 3D story. Wow.

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VisWeek – What Constitutes the Best Research?

VisWeek – What Constitutes the Best Research? | visual data |

Context-preserving visual links are lines that connect items in a visualization or set of related visualizations to highlight those items and thus make them easier to find, and do so in a way that minimally occludes other information. There are many ways that items can be highlighted. The best methods apply visual attributes to those items that we perceive preattentively, causing them to pop out in the display. This approach highlights items without adding meaningless visual content to the display. As you can see in the following example of context-preserving visual links, items are highlighted by the addition of lines to connect them.

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12 Visualizations That Will Change the Way You View Scale

12 Visualizations That Will Change the Way You View Scale | visual data |

Scale is a simple concept. From a very early age, children know about big and small, heavy and light, more and less. Extreme scales, however, are another story.

Try to imagine, for example, the size of the universe… or $1 trillion made up entirely of dollar bills. Exactly. Grasping the actual quantities involved in extreme scales can be difficult, which makes managing scale in visualizations an interesting problem.

Here are 12 visualizations that try to show things at extreme scales.

Via Andrea Zeitz
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