Infographic: 50 People Shaping The Future Of Design | visual data |
In our design issue last year, the Co.Design 50 laid out 50 of the most influential designers in America. This year, as a sequel, we took it upon ourselves to highlight 50 people who are shaping the future of design.

That sounds like a funny task. But our staff was after people pushing the boundaries of their discipline into promising new directions. 

We think that if you look at the ideas each one of these people represents, you’ll find a broad narrative about how design is changing--how businesses are using design in surprising ways, how our interactions with computers and handheld devices are evolving, and how high-tech processes are working their ways into once-static disciplines.

To map out all of these people for our October 2012 issue, we tapped Ben Gibson, the designer behind Popchart Labs. I think you’ll agree that Ben did a superb job, and came up with an elegant solution for charting all of the myriad disciplines that each of these remarkable people touch upon. Enjoy!