NYTimes Data Artist Jer Thorp on Humanized Data at the Intersection of Science, Art, and Design | visual data | Scoop.it
On the poetics of probability, or what the architecture of the social web has to do with landing in Hawaii.

In his fantastic recent talk from TEDxVancouver, Jer Thorp — data artist in residence at The New York Times — takes us on a sweeping tour of his work and ethos, at the intersection of science, art, and design.


Among the projects are All The Names, Project Cascade, a New York Times initiative that visualizes the underlying structures of conversation and activity on the social web, GoodMorning!, a beautiful visualization of 11,000 “good morning” tweets sent over a 24-hour period, NYTimes: 365/360, which captures the top organizations and personalities for every year between 1985 and 2001 and the connections between them in a single graphic for each year, and Open Paths, which allows you to liberate your iPhone location data from Apple’s grip to own, use, or donate to meaningful research...