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learning, conceptualizing + communicating data with infographics, visualizations, etc...
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Datascaping And Designing With Information

Datascaping And Designing With Information | visual data |

DataAppeal software provides an alternative to complex mapping tools through an easy to use, web-based GIS application that renders typical data files into beautifully designed multi-dimensional maps and datascapes instantly. For architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers of the built form, the application is a great tool to utilize evidence-based information to expose new site patterns, to provide alternative 3D modes of mapping for communication purposes, and to aid in the initiation of master plan designs.

It’s also a refreshing way to visually engage professional and students with their site-based data...

burlysand's comment, September 24, 2013 3:28 AM
Pretty simple..
Scooped by Lauren Moss!

Grand Plans: How The Simple Planning Diagram Has Shaped Our Cities

Grand Plans: How The Simple Planning Diagram Has Shaped Our Cities | visual data |

A new exhibition charts how powerful abstract drawings – from Le Corbusier's radiant city to the US township grid – have defined the nature of urban development.

An exhibition opened this month in San Francisco that charts the visual history and influence of the planning diagram, from the radial spokes of the garden city wheel to the New York set-back rule.

Grand Reductions: 10 Diagrams That Changed City Planning argues that these simple, abstract illustrations are "iconic distillations of values, policy agendas and ideologies".

"Planning indulges in the same world of image making that artists and advertisers do," writes Andrew Shanken, professor of architecture and urbanism at UC Berkeley. "Every plan is an act of persuasion, an argument for an alternative way of life that attempts to posit or convince an audience of that alternative."

VIsit the link for a look at five diagrams that have had a lasting impact on the way cities and countrysides are shaped.

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