MetaLayer launches community to make better infographics | visual data |

MetaLayer, a startup that helps you make visualizations from complex sets of data, has launched a new data community for people to share visualizations they’ve made with its service.

“We want to do to data analysis what Apple has done to computers: Make data so intuitive that anyone can gather insights from tons of data,” said Metalayer Chief executive Chris Burrage in an interview with VentureBeat.

MetaLayer helps you gather insights and make visualizations, also known as infographics, from massive amounts of data on the web. The company has poised itself as the “Photoshop of data,” mainly because you can drag and drop sets of data onto one another to help make sense of datasets with graphs and diagrams, much like adding layers to a Photoshop image. You can import pictures, statistical figures, Twitter feeds, documents, and news feeds into MetaLayer’s dashboard and then analyze them for trends or other insights. Metalayer aims its service at data analysts, non-profits, and journalists who may not have the immense knowledge needed to analyze huge amounts of data, nor the money to pay for a robust system to do it for them...