8 Interactive Infographics Created with HTML, CSS and Javascript | visual data | Scoop.it
The term infographics comes from Information Graphics. Infographics are referred to graphic visual representation of data, information and knowledge.

These graphical representations allow us to obtain the data or knowledge in a very effective way. The idea of such infographics is not very rare in our daily life; rather before it hit the virtual zone of web designing it can be seen in our real life. For example, we can name maps, various types of signs, train routs where we can find the use of such technique to show and explain the information in a very clear manner.
These infographics can be created with the help of various kinds of web design languages. Web languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be used in order to create such interactive infographics. For the websites that have features like showing some signs or maps on the web pages, this technology is brilliant. It is proved to be very useful for the websites that want to share some kind of data or information with its viewers in a form of a graphical representation...