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Rescooped by Shailja Kaushik from All About Coaching
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The 5 Simplest Coaching Questions to Brainstorm Actions and Move Your Clients Forwards! - The Launchpad - The Coaching Tools Company Blog

Below are 5 of the simplest coaching questions that are great for brainstorming actions - they are straightforward and immediately practical.

Via Ariana Amorim
Shailja Kaushik's insight:

Combine these practical question ideas with the powerful 'move company forward' visual at to help your own company or clients stay ahead of competition. Ask the following 5 questions to brainstorm ideas for your business next strategic move:

  • What could you stop doing?
  • What could you do less of?
  • What could you do more of?
  • What could you continue doing?
  • What could you start doing? 

A great tool to steer your brainstrom meetings to a meaningful goal!

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