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Fico Credit Score - Example of Using a Keynote Theme

Fico Credit Score - Example of Using a Keynote Theme | Apple Keynote Slides For Sale |

"Muezart's 3D Pie Diagrams - See an example of how we used 3D Pie Diagrams."

Kshitija's insight:

This article depicts an example of How to Use 3D Pie Diagrams in Keynote.  In the example above, the chart shows the major factors which affect FICO or credit score. Did you know that your FICO or Credit score is largely based on five parameters? The five factors shown are Payment History, volume of your outstanding, credit history length,  New credit and the Types of credit you have.  New credit indicates the number of applications you've filled out for credit and Types of credit is indicative of the kinds of obligations you have, ranging from auto loans to student loans to child support.


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