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Well I learned something new today... ever heard of Trench Art? I hadn't.


Soldiers have always made decorative or souvenir objects in their spare time. During the Napoleonic Wars, French prisoners of war interned in British prison camps created a variety of elaborate boxes, models and other pieces made from soup bones as well as marquetry boxes and similar items using plaited straw. The Crimean War produced interesting souvenirs such as inkwells made from cannon balls. Soldiers in the American Civil War decorated powder horns, canteens and snuffboxes with personal and patriotic engravings and fabricated game pieces from bone and spent bullets. Sailors also have rich traditions of creating scrimshaw and needlework pieces.Projectiles with brass casings, first produced in 1857, replaced cannon balls and other artillery ammunition as the century progressed. The Spanish-American War and the Boer War were the first wars in which this type of ammunition was widely used. Typical shell casing souvenirs from this period were engraved with the details of battles or inscribed as ‘souvenir of the war’ or merely shaped into vases to be kept as decorative mementoes.END


Here is a great example of Trench Art and something that would be a remarkable gift for any solider to cherish.