With Super Hi-Vision, the TV landscape will look very different ten years from now | VideoPro | Scoop.it

No sooner are we getting to grips with 3D and HD, and we’re already being told about the “next big thing” in televisual technology. But keep your hat on, this next one is some years away yet.


Super Hi-Vision (or Ultra High Definition) has been getting a fair bit of coverage of late, largely due to the BBC’s partnership with Japanese broadcaster NHK for the 2012 Olympics.


The technology underlying Super Hi-Vision has been developed in large by NHK’s Science and Technology Research laboratories, which the BBC borrowed to showcase its potential as a broadcasting medium. While the BBC did a tentative test with the technology back in 2010, it was all really gearing up to the Olympics.


Super Hi-Vision combines images 16 times the resolution of High Definition television, with a 22.2 multichannel surround sound. As you’d maybe imagine, when viewed on a purpose-built big screen, the effect is phenomenal.

Via Nicolas Weil