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Video Conferencing For Financial Services

Video Conferencing For Financial Services | Video Conferencing Solutions |

In a financial institute the customer satisfaction plays a predominant role in order to grab customer advocacy. Normally cutting down the budget and expecting higher returns are merely difficult for the financial institutes, to gain the real trust of the consumers. Video conferencing solution is one of a kind that could ease the financial institutes in meeting the customer expectations by making use of the minimal resources.


The video-conferencing technology is served as a driving tool for innovation in the fields of financial services. The roots of the technologies are been widespread in the financial sectors such as investment banking, retail banking and private wealth management.


Almost every banking channel can integrate the web-conferencing technology to authorize an exemplified banking experience for the banking consumers at rural and urban areas. There are various technology based applications are already being executed in the banking sector they are the: online banking and mobile banking. The web-conferencing based applications in the online and mobile banking is the newer applications that facilitates the banking sector in attracting the new consumers and retain the existing customers as well.


The video conferencing solutions for financial institutions not only saves organizations time and money, but also creates a cutting edge platform for communication between the customers and employees.


There are ample number of ways, the financial institutions are making use of the video conferencing are the


1. Most of the financial institutes are providing “Agent on Demand” services giving their leads and customers one click access to sales employees, client care divisions and tech support team staff.


2. Companies are providing educational on line workshops and on the Internet workshops to leads and customers.


3. Customer assistance providers are providing on the Internet client classes. This removes the need for client care providers to travel to and from client locations, making them more effective and liberating up there a chance to conduct even more classes.


4. To conduct the quarterly meetings among the financial branches at various locations, the video-conferencing is an optimal solution. Through this solution the financial institution can effectively reduce the travel costs and can enhance the communication standards among their financial branches.


5. The process of giving and recovering the loans are the common in banking sector, normally the bankers will issue the loan to the consumer after conducting the loan interviews. Here the integration of the Financial video conferencing will make it easier for the banker and consumer to have online loan interviews.


Finally it can be concluded that online video-conferencing offers the Financial Services Industry as a path to accumulate company-wide progressions, clutch and grab the profession-ate and greatly minimize on travel costs. The video-conferencing scenario making personal more fruitful and are conscious to client requirements.

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Top 10 Ways Healthcare Facilities Are Using Video Conferencing

Top 10 Ways Healthcare Facilities Are Using Video Conferencing | Video Conferencing Solutions |

Video conferencing is becoming popular these days, as it is easy to use, reliable and affordable for all types of businesses now. The cutting edge technology makes it more powerful and the easiest way for high definition communications. Business, Enterprises, Non-Profitable Organization, Educational Institutions, Hospitality and Healthcare Industries are using the new video communication technology for making fast decisions, saving business expenses and in getting productive results.

Deeksha Sulakhe's insight:

1. Boundary Less Healthcare via Telemedicine Video Conferencing - video conference solutions enable Doctors and Healthcare companies to offer a low-cost, high-impact way to deliver rapid knowledge to physicians, either to save lives or to gain additional medical training, sales and research. Healthcare Facilities Are Using Video Conference To Improve Patient Outcomes, Increase Revenues, & Reduce Expense.


2. Remote Patient Monitoring – for locations with limited access to specialized doctors, campuses can connect to share resources and offer healthcare programs to all patients across distant locations and even remote villages. Physicians from large teaching hospitals or medical centers can connect with their remote patients, via video communication for the purpose of rendering a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.


Video Conferencing Software ( enables the patient to see a specialist during a remote consultation accomplished in real-time, or the transmission of images, such as x-rays, along with patient data for later viewing. This is especially important for patients living in rural areas, or who are too ill to travel great distances to visit a specialist or clinic. The specialist can easily control the distant patient side camera, share their PC content, and access browser-based applications like EMR/EHR, PACS, and lab reports. Physicians can provide their expertise even from home and provide accurate examinations.


3. Patient education - Through video conferencing, the patients with chronic conditions can have their questions answered and be given more extensive medical knowledge via our interactive technology. These patients can be provided with a specialist opinion from a large medical center, or suggested a telehealth solution to explore other treatment options.


4. Extant Medical Education and Training to unreachable locations - Healthcare Video Conferencing ( enables medical teaching staff to demonstrate techniques and skills to medical students or to doctors renewing their medical license, continuing medical education for health professionals and special medical education seminars for individuals and groups in remote locations.


Healthcare professionals can use their PCs for high definition video calls with colleagues from anywhere. The physician or practitioner can easily control the far-end camera, do Pan-tilt-zoom on camera for a complete view and share content live over video file sharing.


5. Attend video CME events from your home office or desktop.


6. Conduct video grand rounds sharing PC content, live patient encounters, or recorded procedures.


7. Video connect to nursing schools for up to date training and medical information.


8. Effective Administration across all branches - Conduct administrative training and medical education using live or streaming video.


9. Advanced knowledge sharing practices - Physicians who practice out of large medical centers use video conferencing solutions to share healthcare information with physicians working in other areas of the country. For example, Dr A Reddy, in Hyderabad gives lectures on cardiology, oncology, and diabetes to physicians around the world, from his home setup.


10. Pharmaceutical Sales & Training -Pharmaceutical companies typically hold between 3 and 4 meetings for field personnel per year to update sales and marketing strategies, bring new products to market, re-certify personnel on compliance and regulatory practices, and potentially to roll-out new hardware or software for sales force productivity. With medium and larger companies, this can mean hundreds, even thousands of employees at a single meeting.


It is not difficult to imagine the costs of travel, lodging, and training facilities for meetings of this size. Also, the amount of time lost in transit to and from the meeting can be anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. In a case study performed to compare various video conference solutions to in-person meetings, the online alternatives realized a 66-95% savings over face-to-face meetings Pharmaceutical companies could realize tremendous savings implementing web conferencing solutions in place of even a portion of their face-to-face meetings.

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The New Trends of Video Conferencing Software

The New Trends of Video Conferencing Software | Video Conferencing Solutions |
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For almost a decade, organizations have trumpeted video conferencing as a viable way to ratchet up communication and produce a more effective environment. A decade ago, video conferencing and Telepresence systems required add-on cards inside PCs and separate cameras and integrated services digital network (ISDN) lines to function effectively. Now-a-days all these complexities have been avoided by most of the organization by endorsing the software based Video Conferencing.
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