New FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says the key to adequate spectrum for broadband is using spectrum as efficiently as possible, but that does not mean "chucking" broadcasting, which he says continues to perform an important public function.
Talking with B&C/Multichannel News Nov. 7 about his vision for the FCC, Wheeler said that when he was talking about the importance of networks, he was including broadcasting.
"I think broadcasting is a critical component of the whole mix," he said. "What fascinates me is that people say that if you are talking about how to use spectrum efficiently, then you have to be saying something that is anti-broadcasting. That is malarkey."
What isn't malarkey, he suggested was that "broadcasters fulfill an important public service. The broadcasters distribute in many ways now, including over the air. And in a world in which we now have digital pathways, rather than analog pathways, [the issue is] what is the most efficient use of the spectrum. And that doesn't mean chucking broadcasting."
In his opening address/blog to FCC staffers earlier this week, Wheeler said that part of insuring the growth and innovation the FCC needed to shepherd was making sure there are "adequate amounts" of spectrum.
He said that was all about efficiency.


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc