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Flash-based Audio and Video Communication in the Cloud

Internet telephony and multimedia communication protocols have matured over the last fifteen years. Recently, the web is evolving as a popular platform for everything we do on the Internet including email, text chat, voice calls, discussions, enterprise apps and multi-party collaboration. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between web and traditional Internet telephony protocols as they have ignored the constraints and requirements of each other.

Consequently, the Flash Player is being used as a web browser plugin by many developers for web-based voice and video calls. We describe the challenges of video communication using a web  browser, present a simple API using a Flash Player application, show how it supports wide range of web communication scenarios in the cloud, and describe how it can interoperate with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based systems. We describe both the advantages and challenges of Flash Player based communication applications. The presented API could guide future work on communication-related web protocol extensions.

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Announcing Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 : Closed Captioning, DRM for HLS, Multiple Language Audio Tracks, SIP Gateway

Announcing Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 :  Closed Captioning, DRM for HLS, Multiple Language Audio Tracks, SIP Gateway | Video Breakthroughs |

Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 brings to you – Closed Captioning compliance, DRM protection for millions of iOS Devices and Playback Support for Multiple Language Audio Tracks.


Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 comes bundled with Adobe Media Gateway – a powerful technology to connect SIP telephony devices to flash based applications.


Closed Captioning :

Adobe Media Server supports CEA-608 (also called Line 21) and CEA -708 closed captions in video files containing H264 video codecs. This plays in HLS, HDS and RTMP Streaming protocols. Additionally, the timed text track defined by Apple for Quicktime movie files is also supported. Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 also provides support to embed your content programmatically while encoding the content via an AMF message. This works for RTMP and HDS techniques.


Support for Multi Language tracks :

Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 has support for including multiple language tracks for HTTP video streams, without requiring duplication and repackaging of the video for each audio track. This feature, called as “late” binding of audio tracks allow content providers to easily provide multiple language tracks for a given video asset, at any time before or after the asset’s initial packaging. The OSMF framework based Strobe Media player provides support for allowing the viewers to switch between audio tracks either before or during playback.


Content Protection for HLS Streams :

Adobe Media Server offers both stream and content protection across HLS, HDS and RTMP protocols. It also enables DRM protection using the Adobe Access DRM license server. Now, Adobe Media Server can dynamically segment, encrypt, and deliver standard MP4 assets using the HLS format with Adobe Access DRM policies on native Apple iOS applications (using the Adobe Access Objective-C library for iOS).

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