Display your PC screen on TV Wirelessly with AirTame Wireless HDMI | Video Breakthroughs | Scoop.it

Have you ever wished it was possible to extend your PC screen to your TV or projector without a HDMI cable? Have you ever wished you could duplicate or extend your computer screen to your TV, monitor or projectors wirelessly? Then meet AirTame wireless HDMI dongle. With AirTame wireless HDMI dongle you won’t have to worry about cables like HDMI, DVI, VGA or Displayport and converters to extend or duplicate your PC screen to a TV or monitor or projector.


AirTame wireless HDMI dongle can allow you to display your PC screen to not just one but multiple screens at once. Simply plug in your AirTame wireless NDMI dongle into the HDMI port of your TV, monitor or projector and power it up via the USB cable.