How Package Designers Use Science to Influence Your Subconscious Mind | UX & Web Design |

How do you sell shoppers on duck, a product that’s served in many restaurants but that many people do not feel comfortable cooking at home?


That was the challenge for U.K.-based design consultancy Elmwood after packaged-foods maker Gressingham Foods asked it to recast its brand identity as premium but accessible.


Elmwood uses biomotive triggers in its designs, arguing that certain graphic elements conjure instinctive responses from consumers. A cusp shape (think a shark fin or horns) conveys fear or caution, while curves represent softness and comfort. Elmwood’s clients also include Walmart, Schweppes, and Saucy Fish Co.


While neuromarketing is gaining favor (it’s also the topic of a Starcom MediaVest Group/TED event at Cannes Lions this year), most marketing efforts still forgo the subconscious in favor of targeting the rational mind.

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.