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Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from Design Revolution

RETHINK Web Design: Unusual Web Navigations Inspire | AWWWARDS

RETHINK Web Design: Unusual Web Navigations Inspire | AWWWARDS | UX Design | Scoop.it
Beautiful Unusual Navigation Designs for Inspiration. Selection of Awwwards websites with a strong presence of unusual navigation. An effective navigation design is crucial for a website

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, June 26, 6:29 PM

Navigation feels old and moldy. There are few things MORE critical than navigation. We've moved from left nav sitting firmly in the "golden triangle" to horizontal top navigation.

Neither of these options inspire and both are feeling long in the tooth and stupid. The social / mobile web requires a RETHINK about navigation. Can we find ways to make very page a homepage?

Can navigation be more relevant and less middle of the road boring? Here are some navigation examples from AWWWARDS.com that don't solve the problem...yet. But the dialogue helps begin the process of reducing our dependency on static, boring, "has-been" ideas like left or horizontal nav.

Are you as surprised that navigation hasn't been on the "top changes" list for web design in 2014? Has to be on our 2015 list because every current option is BAD and getting worse.

BOUTELOUP Jean-Paul's curator insight, June 26, 11:21 PM

Merci ! il est bon de repenser aussi le webdesign pour une nouvelle expérience utilisateur

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Infographic: Is it Time to Consider SEO Automation?

Infographic: Is it Time to Consider SEO Automation? | UX Design | Scoop.it

Is it safe for bloggers to stop caring about SEO yet? Can we all just install an SEO plugin for WordPress and focus on creating quality content?

If you read some of the problogger.net articles this year about how Google’s Panda updates sent some bloggers looking for a life boat, the answer is unfortunately no.


In terms of risk mitigation, we all need to be savvier about the way search engines perceive and rank our sites.


We also need better strategies to maintain a competitive edge. For better or worse, online advertisers and PR firms are getting smarter about distinguishing between sites that reach vast, highly engaged audiences and those that connect with smaller communities...

Via Martin Gysler
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Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from UXploration

Findability Primer by Information Architected

Findability - The Art and Science of Making Content Findable 

Why Findability is Critical Today 

Content without access is worthless. With the advent and maturity of the Internet, what was once exclusively the domain of libraries and the private collections of enterprises is now a broadly understood issue. 

Case in point: Moments ago, I entered the word “Findability” into a search tool that indexes the Internet. 

More than 543,000 individual bodies of content were retrieved. Eureka – Findability solved, right? With a simple search, I am able to retrieve “all” of that content. No. The rules of the game have changed significantly.

Via Mario K. Sakata
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