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The art of designing engaging and meaningful user experiences for customer development.
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Bauhaus Web Design

Bauhaus Web Design | Expertiential Design |

Bauhaus is not only one of the most important design movements in history, but an especially relevant style for Web Designers. Alex and Simone tell you why.

Marty Note
Wow, love this post by's Web Developer Alex Walker and graphic designer Simone Sala because it both EXPLAINS Bauhaus Design Principles and then applies them with examples to the web. #toogood

The Bauhaus stressed form and function. Removing ornamentation in favor of clarity, ease of use and beauty. Sounds like MOBILE DESIGN to me.

Mobile is so SMALL it forces the right choices. Look how "mobile design" is not impacting web design. Mobile stared trends such as limited color palettes and flat graphics because of limitations (of smart phones), but those limitations can also help FREE up a website and point it more clearly at true north.

True north online is where visitors know what to do and why easily and are so engaged by your content they want to do (what you want them to do) AND they want to share the experience with friends. Mobile's "game console-like" BEING is reshaping marketing (see Marketing's Big Bang Manifesto ).

Great, helpful post.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design | Smashing Magazine

Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design | Smashing Magazine | Expertiential Design |

What is the secret to Web design? A tough question and one that might not have an answer. In 2006, Oliver Reichenstein wrote Web Design is 95% Typography.


Paul Scrivens has written a good article on typography and it's importance in design. Several good examples are cited and resources that can be found on the web for further exploration. If you are at all doubtful about the importance that type plays in a design use his simple tool as a way to discover for yourself: "Try going through all the Web designs that you love, strip out the images and ask yourself “how would that website look with just text and spacing?”

Via Georgia Gibbs Design
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