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The art of designing engaging and meaningful user experiences for customer development.
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Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from New Customer - Passenger Experience!

5 #Mobile #Customer #Experience Lessons From 2015 @SXSW

5 #Mobile #Customer #Experience Lessons From 2015 @SXSW | Expertiential Design |
Mobile was the main topic of SXSW: here are 5 mobile customer experience lessons we can take away from this 2015 edition.

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein
CIM Academy's curator insight, March 30, 5:49 AM

Improving the customer experience of mobile marketing is important and this article highlights some important lessons.

Jean-Marie Grange's curator insight, March 31, 2:40 PM

"If you don’t establish your online and mobile presence, someone else will do it for you. At your peril."

Nedko Aldev's curator insight, April 27, 6:04 AM


Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from New Customer - Passenger Experience!

2015 An Explosive Year For Visual Content

2015 An Explosive Year For Visual Content | Expertiential Design |
Content is and will be the king; it holds true for any medium – print, radio, TV or social media. One of the trends that we have witnessed in 2014 at Lighthouse Insights (LI) while reviewing social…

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, December 15, 2014 7:27 PM

Top 9 Quotes from Digital executives, which will apply globally!

1. "Good #storytelling in 2015 will be all about what we see"


2. "We can expect a shift from pure play brand related content and more emphasis on #engagement, entertainment, infographics

and topical issues. The trick here will be to connect this communication with brand values and identity, creating shareable content."


3."Seeing is believing – that is how #content will be created and consumed in 2015 for digital properties."


4. Audience would see the magic of Art + Technology + #Gamification + User behavior and in future should expect Biometric data to be added giving users personalized storytelling."


5. "The internet was built on text and codes, but 2015 could potentially be the year where users shift to consuming and brands shift to establishing unique & original visual languages on #social #media."


6. " #Visual is a trend that’s going to influence how humans communicate in future. I find this ironical, considering man’s first attempt at communication was visual too… remember cave drawings? Who knows what the future holds."


7. "What matters most in visual content are things that relate to people’s lives. Emoting expressions on social media in the form of #stickers is going to empower the rest."


8. "In 2015, visual content will only become more evident as social media will get increasingly #mobile, with more #Apps for businesses and consumers to use."


9. "We have followed a pattern of evolution. It starts being text or information heavy, graduates to minimal visual representation, strikes a balance between the two and finally reaches the “A #picture is worth a thousand words” stage."

How do you see the evolution of visual content?

Which statement above do you like best?

Riyaj Rahmathali's curator insight, December 22, 2014 2:59 AM

Content is and will always be the king...

Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from Integrated Brand Communications!

The Technology Behind Mobile Research: Browsers vs. Apps

The Technology Behind Mobile Research: Browsers vs. Apps | Expertiential Design |

There’s a fault line running through mobile research technology that makes it not just a disruptive technology but one that is fragmenting research approaches. Forget mobile technology – we need to think ‘mobile technologies’.


At the many mobile research events, pioneering mobile researchers and technology providers jostle over whether the mobile app or the browser is best. According to the Confirmit Market Research Software Survey I am working on, there is no overall winner. Asked which mobile technology was considered ‘most viable’, 39% backed the mobile browser, against 18% favouring apps and 34% sitting on the fence, considering both technologies equally viable.


I am with the fence-sitters. Research just got a little more difficult, because there is unlikely ever to be a one-size-fits-all approach with mobile research in the way there was for telephone or online.


“Researchers need to think about who they are going to reach and why,” says Lumi Mobile’s Andy Lees. ”Is it to gather new data? Or to make more representative data collection in developed markets? Or to make it more convenient for people in developed markets? Or is it to reach people in emerging markets they cannot reach on a PC? In developed markets, are you trying to reach ‘accidentally mobile people’ or are you deliberately targeting mobile respondents?”

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
Becky Roehrs's comment, May 13, 2013 11:05 PM
Point taken-it may matter. Sometimes, there is not a "best" way-there are many ways.
Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s comment, May 14, 2013 8:01 AM
I think it depends on why a marketer is using a mobile optimized website versus an app to deliver customer experiences. Some experiences may be better delivered via an app such as Starbucks customer loyalty program which works very smoothly via a smartphone. I doubt a mobile optimized website would work as well.
malek's curator insight, May 14, 2013 10:52 AM

When it comes to mobile search, I share the same view: I am with the fence-sitters

Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from New Customer - Passenger Experience!

The Inevitability of a #Mobile-Only #Customer #Experience

Slides for Altimeter's webinar: The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience Watch the webinar replay at:…;

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, February 11, 2:06 AM

As @BrianSolis highlights:

"Companies must design #mobile-first and mobile-only #customer #journeys to prevent channel-hopping and multi-screening, thus increasing conversions"

Is your company making the commitment to mobile?

Bharat Employment's curator insight, February 12, 12:18 AM

Mike Donahue's curator insight, February 13, 10:14 AM

Nice deck with plenty of compelling stats. I would argue the mobile-only experience is already here for many people. Some by necessity and other sby choice. Ignore at your own risk.

Rescooped by Michael Allenberg from New Customer - Passenger Experience!

Goodbye #Mobile #Apps, Hello Multi-Device #Experiences

Goodbye #Mobile #Apps, Hello Multi-Device #Experiences | Expertiential Design |
Your app runs in a little square.All the money you spend on developers, design teams, content production and infrastructure for your app essentially boils down to a little square. Sometimes it’s a bigger square. Sometimes it’s more of a rectangle. And sometimes your app is responsive and tries to adjust itself as the square changes shape.But in the end, your brand's communications still come down to that little square. Topic: Web CMS.

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, August 18, 2014 12:40 AM

Michael looks at what the future holds.

The holy grail is "delivering what the customer is seeking at the right time, at the right place and on the desired platform - every time!"

#Data becomes the foundation to learn and engage, do you agree?

Many companies are positioning themselves to offer the entire solution, it's important not to forget the human element (#empathy) which plays a critical role in the end.
How will consumers react in 10 to 20 years looking back at our current #Mobile technology?