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"Over the past few years I must have heard the phrase ‘everyone is a publisher nowadays’ a thousand times or more. It’s largely accurate, due to the rise of social media, but I think we are mainly ‘curators’, as opposed to ‘publishers’.

Content curation is something that many of us will be familiar with, even if we don’t think of ourselves as curators. We instinctively find and share interesting content with our personal and professional networks. We follow others who share the kind of links that engage and entertain.

Here are my 17 tips to help you become even better at content curation, with one eye on Twitter:

1) Set up some feeds

2) Make the most of email alerts

3) Get to grips with Twitter Search

4) Use advanced search queries

5) Follow the 70/30 rule

6) Find the right tools for the job

7) Own a niche

8) Read, read, read!

9) Write, write, write!

10) Timing is crucial

11) Aggregate the good stuff

12) Tune in to the right people

13) Mix up your tweets

14) Don't be afraid of the detail

15) Consider repeating yourself

16) Try to avoid the obvious

17) Use a notebook

Each tips is analyzed with some details. Read full article here: http://j.mp/K8AVt4

Via Giuseppe Mauriello, Fondation MSH