Skygrove: A Modern Skyscraper is a Testament to Adaptation | The Architecture of the City |

As with any civilization, built environments must be able to adapt. They must adapt to changing cultures, changing landscapes, and now a changing climate – both literally and socially.

The construction industry no longer develops with blinkers on, placing industrial gain above the effects a building has on the environment and the economy. Natural disasters around the world have further prompted proactive industry movements to make resilient architecture as much of a priority under a holistically sustainable model.
It is for these reasons that the global architecture community has been endeavouring to create architecture that is structurally and environmentally more advanced that what is currently built.
HWKN Architects’ concept for the Skygrove high-rise looks at these challenges, placing a dual focus on both environmentalism and resilience, with each complementing the other...

Via Lauren Moss