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The Architecture of the City
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Is Google Glass Going To Change Architecture Forever?

Is Google Glass Going To Change Architecture Forever? | The Architecture of the City |
Is architecture ready for Google Glass? The augmented reality that Google Glass promises may not seem architectural, but in truth the two couldn’t be more related.

Via Jed Fisher
Jed Fisher's curator insight, June 5, 2013 6:56 AM

The answer is Yes :)

And it's also Yes for manufacturing in general.

Or at least Glass is a catalyst for this. It is worth noting that, as it stands now, the Glass API has no support for AR at all.

That said, it's only a matter of time, AR Glasses are coming.

If we can hook up Augmented Reality (which will require Cloud computing (or low power mobile GPU computing) for the computer visions and visualization/rendering) then there is a wealth of possibilities in not just architecture and navigation like experiences but much more - like being able to see useful information (show me what part of the building is going to be worked on tomorrow, etc).

It's also a huge enabler for manufacturing. Imagine being able to recognize your product (requires good 3D computer vision but we are getting close now, eg Google Goggles). For example, take a look at a car in the street - "oh i like that one, what options are available for it?" - Bam - i see the options, prices, and related information overlaid on the car. 

The future is not only mobile, it's visual!


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Solar Carve Tower at the High Line | Studio Gang Architects

Solar Carve Tower at the High Line | Studio Gang Architects | The Architecture of the City |

Chicago-based architect, Jeanne Gang, just unveiled the latest project planned to border New York City’s beloved High Line. The 180,000 square-foot office tower with ground level retail will replace an existing, disused meatpacking plant along 10th Avenue between 13th and 14th streets. It will feature a glass facade that is intelligently shaped to avoid the disruption of light, air and views from the High Line.

The gem-like façade displays the exciting architectural potential of expanded notions of solar-driven zoning—and a skyscraper that enhances the public life of the city in ways that a stand-alone icon cannot. 

Dubbed the Solar Carve Tower, the mid-rise structure is currently pending city approval and is planned for completion in 2015.

Via Lauren Moss
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