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Bogota : Student project Wetland “El Burro”

Bogota : Student project Wetland “El Burro” | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

Wetland el Burro suffers of a high contamination status and as most of this structure in Bogotá; it is in its way of disappearing.

This thesis is an answer that shows how nature and humans can benefit from each other, when there is an interdisciplinary study and a flexible proposal that continually reevaluate itself and shows Wetlands as important ecosystems on behalf of the development of a sustainable city, but also as a place with the big potential of becoming an environmental classroom for the community and where the citizens can enjoy and learn about nature.

Via Toitsverts Biodivers / Livingroofs, tendanceville
Mlik Sahib's curator insight, April 2, 11:10 AM

"The thesis work was develop throughout different steps, first the general study of the structures of the Wetlands, second the analysis of methodologies that defines the job of a landscape architect and third the design of a project in a Wetland of Bogota. The project balances theory and practice when dealing with Wetlands and involves the community in every step of the process in order to guarantee its success.

The aim was to raise awareness in the community about the importance of Wetlands and transform them in a Landmark for all the citizens. For this it was necessary the development of a master plan where different activities can interact with each other; as mix layers and a zoning system. And therefore, educational programs with the restoration of native flora and fauna and passive recreational activities can be found."

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La Presqu'île dévoile son projet - Ville de Grenoble

La Presqu'île dévoile son projet - Ville de Grenoble | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

La presqu'ile scientifique est un vivier exceptionnel, regroupant trois organismes de recherche internationaux, des laboratoires prestigieux locaux et nationaux, des pôles de compétences renommés, des entreprises mondiales et des PME innovantes. Plus de 13000 salariés occupent chaque jour les 250 hectares de ce site. Cette "ville scientifique" et la ville historique cohabitent mais doivent désormais se rencontrer et participer à la transformation de l'agglomération grenobloise.

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