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Avenir de l'urbanisme, conception des villes, initiatives et perspectives
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Crowdsourcing utopia: 21st century urbanism

Crowdsourcing utopia: 21st century urbanism | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

New forms of cooperative urbanism are harnessing the internet to achive grand civic goals.

A generation of intrepid software developers is creating powerful tools for ordinary people to work together to achieve civic goals. SeeClickFix.com and FixMyStreet.com are US and UK websites where users can report problems in their area directly to the relevant local authority. Collapsed walls, broken signage and faulty streetlighting can be logged by anyone in the community. Reports are mapped online while statistics about how swiftly issues are dealt with are automatically published, encouraging authorities to act quickly. Rather than individual complainants acting in isolation, the sites allow strangers to cooperate in holding their elected officials to account while improving their public spaces.

Critics argue the sites foster apathy − encouraging the public to rely on local authorities for relatively minor maintenance jobs rather than taking responsibility as a neighbourhood, but nevertheless, the idea of using decentralised web-based input as a generator for development is gathering momentum.

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A new form of town hall meetings


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Villes internet : Autorisation d'urbanisme

Villes internet : Autorisation d'urbanisme | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

L’association des Villes Internet a pour objet de coordonner le développement et l’animation d’un réseau des acteurs de l’Internet citoyen, et tout particulièrement des élus et agents des collectivités qui animent le territoire public.


Ici un exemple d'initiative : "L'internaute a la possibilité de consulter et télécharger l'arrêté portant réglement municipal relatif à la publicité, aux enseignes et aux préenseignes, le plan de zonage des différentes zones de publicité restreinte ainsi que l'imprimé de demande d'autorisation de pose d'enseigne."

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Open Smart Cities I: Open Internet of Things

Open Smart Cities I: Open Internet of Things | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

"Open Smart Cities I" is the first post of a series of three that address, from the point of view of open source software, several technological areas related to Smart Cities, as the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, or Smart Cities platform of services and applications. In this post, we make a brief review of the concept of Smart City, and introduce the topic of Internet of Things, wherein we explore the potential of open source technologies (software, hardware and standar).


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