Mosstika: Street Art Greens the Urban Jungle | Urban Life |
When we think of street art we often think of dry concrete, spray paint cans and urban wastelands... but that's not what you'll find here.


These creations have a drastically more “green” theme, striving to bring a bit of unexpected nature to the so-called urban jungle and in doing so a bit more life to its often weary inhabitants. The creations of gorilla street art collective Mosstika, each piece of art brings some literal green to the world, installing pieces of art with living grass and moss around the city.
In creating such beautiful pieces the New York based Mosstika, and their founder Edina Tokodi, want to give street art a new twist, providing viewers with art that they can reach out, touch and appreciate in a tactile way. In providing something beautiful that can be not only viewed but also interacted with, they hope to provide something that reconnects city-dwellers with nature and something that can in turn soulfully touch those viewers back.

Via Lauren Moss