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Escape From New York: So you want to do on story on "Urban Exploration."

So what’s the answer? There is no single answer. Different people want different things. Some want exposure, some want money, some want a platform, some want access. Some people would be ecstatic just to see their photos credited in print in whatever publication you’re writing for, others are going to want to charge you more than your entire story budget for one picture. Some are going to want to be the central character of the narrative, others are going to want to be referred to by pseudonyms in passing, if at all. Some people are going to want to take you places you can barely get it together to follow without peeing yourself, but not even show their face; others (me right now) are happy to pontificate for hours on camera, as long as we don’t so much as cross a strip of yellow tape.

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Urban Exploration
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